The Symmetry of Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge #7

Prompts and Challenges

Which WayWhich way? There doesn’t seem to be much of a choice. Either north towards Reno, or south towards Las Vegas. There’s no east or west off this road!

I am very pleased to be a part of Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge this week.

And Tim of Photographs By Timothy S. Allen said “This would be good as well for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry” so here it is:



46 thoughts on “The Symmetry of Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge #7

        1. I am going in about 30 minutes to visit. Yesterday, the nurse said all tests are negative. No cancer, no tuberculosis, no more quarantine. Depending on the doctor, they might pull the tube from his chest within a day or two. Then therapy to strengthen him and get him back on his feet. We’ve asked him to stay with us till he feels like going home but he is adamant that he will go directly home. I think we’ll definitely need someone to help out for a week or two. I may end up sleeping on his couch the first night at least.

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          1. Oh such good news that the tests have come back negative. It may just be that his heart wasn’t pumping well enough and the fluid collected. Often the case with seniors. Sounds like one tough old guy. I hope the transition home goes smoothly. He is lucky to have your care and love.


  1. I see what appears to be a column of rain on the horizon. It looks like it’s barrelling down the road towards you. Love the angle of this photo. I’m guessing it felt rather peculiar in the middle of the road 🙂


    1. It had been raining (only a slight drizzle) at our house and so we hopped in the car to try to find a spot to shoot. But a deep downpour never really came. Standing in the middle of the road felt somehow liberating. I am a real rebel, if nothing else! 🙂

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    1. We were on it yesterday. We took a trip up to the mountains to see snow. We saw it, all right! Almost got stuck in a complete white out! Couldn’t see anything. When we could finally drive again, we came across three cars on the side of the road, one had slammed into the side of the mountain.


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