After- Before Friday Week 34

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The discovery, and subsequent opening, of King Tut’s tomb did not unleash a curse. That is pure rubbish and balderdash! I know! It is said that Lord Carnarvon, the person who funded the dig, died shortly after the discovery. What the media fails to mention is that Lord Carnarvon suffered from ill health for at least the year previous when, bitten on the cheek by a mosquito, he continued his morning ritual of shaving, which aggravated the bite and caused an infection. He suffered  high fever and chills and, though a doctor was sent to examine him, he died .  Presumably, at that precise moment, the lights in Cairo were mysteriously extinguished. But remember, this was 1923 when the constant flow of electricity was, at most, unreliable.  Once Carnarvon died the media went wild with stories of his death. Of the stories that surfaced, two remain prominent. One is that a cobra killed my own pet canary after the discovery. The other is that Lord Carnarvon’s dog howled and dropped dead at two in the morning when Carnarvon died. Did King Tut’s Tomb really unleash a curse? New findings are showing that bacteria on the wall of the tomb might have been the cause of the curse. The bacteria would release spores into the air allowing it to be breathed. This in turn caused people who came into contact with these spores to become ill. It all really comes down to one question. Do you believe in the curse of the mummy? We will leave that for you to decide.

Howard Carter

Kensington, London

November 4, 1932



As you can see from the original, I cropped and straightened the image. This is shown in slide 2. Slide 3 shows a desaturation of the sky. Slide 4 shows I’ve adjusted the highlights, shadows, whites and blacks. At this point, slide 5, I exported the image to Perfect Effects 9 and added a cloudy sky. In slide 6 I added sharpening and a slight HDR effect. With slide 7 I imported back into Lightroom and adjusted saturation, clarity, and sharpening. In 8 I added a vignette and in 9, the after image, I cropped even tighter and straightened the image just a touch more.

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Thanks, again to Stacy of Visual Venturing for hosting this challenge week after week. To view other submissions, please visit After Before Friday and be sure to comment. For information on how to join in on the fun, check out Stacy’s forum page.

The letter above- purported to be that of Howard Carter’s own words- is actually an invention of my own taken from the online website,

And for the last word on the boy king, click here!



18 thoughts on “After- Before Friday Week 34

      1. I’m afraid my explanations are getting a bit simplistic. But adding clouds in Perfect Effects 9 has become very easy since the update from 8. No layers, but you can only use their clouds. You can’t add your own unless you purchase the full program- which is only about $140 but I’m happy so far with what I’ve got!

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    1. Thanks, Janice. The program has their own skies. But it’s just been updated and I think there might be a way of adding my own. I will let everyone know when I find out. The program is only $59 but I got it on sale for $39. The complete program costs $149.

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