The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort


FortDid you have any idea that Mormon missionaries were the first permanent non-native settlers in the Las Vegas Valley? Nope, neither did I. And I bet you they’re rolling over in their graves to see what a mess has been made of it. All manner of vice is legal here; liquor, nudity, prostitution. Gambling alone is so lucrative that there is no state income tax in Nevada. And yet, we don’t have enough money to properly educate our young!

And don’t get me started on the homeless situation.


24 thoughts on “The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort

  1. Girly swat here putting my hand up to say yes, I did know about the Mormons who trekked down there from Utah, but Mexicans made it there before them. They didn’t like it then and went back to Utah. Safe to say I think they have given it a wide berth ever since!


    1. Not so. The Mexican population is alive and kicking down here- lots of areas are totally spanish speaking. Unfortunately most of those neighborhoods are older and run down and the jobs that immigrants get are mostly lower income. I know this is a gross generalization but it is a sad truth in the US. Probably most anywhere!


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