After-Before Friday Week 33

Prompts and Challenges


No, this is not a ride in Disneyland. This is a ride in Las Vegas Nevada. OK, it’s not a ride, it’s the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. But if given half a chance, they’ll take you for a ride! Then again, so will any other casino in Las Vegas. Or any where else in the world. That’s the business they’re in! Can you tell I’m not a gambler? The only time we go down to the strip is on a special occasion. So, this image was taken on a Saturday morning. The special occasion? My New Year’s resolution to take shots of each and every casino on the strip. I did not resolve that I would be done by the end of this year. I could conceivably do it. But I’d rather not get burned out. So maybe in 2020 or so I will complete this assignment!


As for the post processing, I have built a slide show that I hope demonstrates the creative magic behind post processed photos. Those are not my words, they’re Stacy’s. She says, right on her blog Visual Venturing,

After-Before Friday

Highlighting the creative magic behind post-processed photos”

So you have the BEFORE image. Number 1 slide shows what happens when I click on Lens Profile and Chromatic Aberration for my Canon kit lens. Not much. Slide 2 shows what happens with  Upright Perspective, and adjusting highlights and shadows, the white clipping, saturation and black clipping. Slide 3 shows the Experimental preset I used called “Dreams”. In slide 4, I adjusted the clarity, exposure, and updated the graduated filter to tone down the effect of the preset and add some blue to the sky. The preset erased the Upright Perspective so I had to add that again in slide 5. Then I got rid of the street sign in the lower left center of the image and added a white vignette. In the AFTER slide you might be able to see that I used the spot removal tool to get rid of some people dead center where the black section is. So, there you have it. Most times I would have probably stopped at slide number 2. But I just want to play and push a little each week when ABF rolls around. I hope you don’t mind!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As Stacy says: “After-Before Friday (ABF) posts provide an opportunity for photographers (amateur and seasoned, alike) to share their photos, and if they wish, their post-processing decisions. The photos will provide a fun “wow” factor; the post-processing descriptions, the ‘how.’ The goal is to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at others’ work while picking up helpful ideas along the way that each of us can use as we work with our own photos.

Please be sure to visit Visual Venturing for more After-Before Friday


56 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Week 33

        1. No, not at all. When I got through my usual corrections and work flow I just felt it needed more. I was going in every direction until I found that one preset. I feel presets are cheating. But then I rationalize by telling myself that if it is really cheating, why are there so many websites exploiting my weakness? Then I feel much better.

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  1. Fun work. I find it fun and interesting to see how far I can “push” an image before it’s too far. Sometimes it works great; other times, it makes me really happy that you can hide or delete layers. 😉 Beautiful effect!


    1. No, that preset is one of the few I purchased as a set. This is only the second time I’ve used it. I could easily give you the Lightroom settings for it, I think. I wonder if that would be a copyright infringement or if I could get in trouble somehow.


    1. I really understand what you’re saying because I get the same way. Glazey and dazy! I think the slide show gives a better feel for what I’ve done. But some weeks I don’t seem to have the time.


    1. I wish I could say that I see the finished image before I even take the shot. But my inner eye is not that well developed. And I enjoy playing in Lightroom. Usually I end up with several versions of the same image and must decide which is my favorite to post.

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  2. All this talk of creative magic and fairy tales, are you sure its not Disneyland? Seriously though, a really cool look to this picture. I think that looking at what the designers and architects did with the original subject, you could push it as far as you wanted! Loving the “casinos” series, just don’t get tempted in!! 😉


    1. I think I’m the only one in my family who is never tempted by gambling. My wife occasionally will play the state lottery, but only when the prize is over $150 million. Below that she doesn’t feel it’s worthwhile! 🙂

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  3. A most beautiful image,I love the highkey feel with the bright white of the castle walls, which works because the colour from the towers contrasts so nicely. When I saw this it reminded me of sleeping beauty but I am not sure why.
    Anyway Emilio I am so glad that you didn’t stop at stage two and took the image further. Really nice editing.


  4. I love what you did with the photo…it definitely has a dreamy look! Also I really like your New Year’s resolution…I used to live in Las Vegas and never had a chance to photograph each casino on the strip. It definitely will be a fun project…I look forward to seeing more photos!


  5. Okay, as for presets, I too, oftentimes feel guilty about using them. I mean, someone created them so shouldn’t I be able to create the same ones too? Well perhaps in another time way removed from where I am now! I like you’re reasoning though – if it were cheating, why are there so many to buy?? I haven’t gone down that road before, but I love that you did and used this preset on the photo. It’s perfect for it! In fact, I think the casino looks better in your version than as it exists! And the slideshow was a lot of fun and really helped show the process. More, I say! Great post-processing fun; great post, Emilio!


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