Breakfast of Champions

Smith's Supermarket KLas Vegas NV iPhone 5 January 15, 2015

Smith’s Supermarket
Las Vegas NV
iPhone 5
January 15, 2015

Allow me to explain. There is no breakfast here, I know. The point is, I am a vegetarian. More appropriately, a pescatarian. I eat fish, but never meat or poultry. I do not eat frozen foods. I see my grandfather twice a week and take him food shopping; sometimes one day, sometimes both. His life revolves around food. On Wednesdays, he gets the sales flyers in his mailbox. I take him around to all the grocery stores that are having sales on the foods he eats. He subsists mostly on frozen foods, even though my memories of him consist of his cooking spaghetti gravy every weekend when my grandmother was still alive.

He now eats Healthy Choice dinners, sometimes frozen pepperoni pizza, frozen fish, and makes pies with store-bought crusts, jello and cranberries, and whipped non-dairy topping.

He is 92 years old and I have no doubt that he could outlive me. I have told my wife that if I live to be 90, I will eat meat and frozen foods and non-dairy whipped toppings. Oh, and pepperoni till the day I die.

And for breakfast? He eats Cheerios!


37 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

      1. I am reading a book that is called What Makes Olga Run about a superstar track athlete in her 90s. It seems if you make it to 85 without a chronic disease you are called a super senior. A combination of genes, life experience and good luck. Hoping to get that title one day. 🙂


  1. Wonderful that you take him shopping. Frozen foods make it easier for older people to get a meal- they are quick and convenient. I hope he continues to eat and enjoy those frozen foods for many years to come! 🙂


    1. We just had a close call this past week. They called it congestive heart failure but how can they call it that if he is still here? He is now on oxygen but able to get around, though a lot slower now.


  2. First I want to say God bless that your grandfather is 92 years old, and he might be onto something with his frozen food/home made pie diet. I also think you are a good grandson for helping him shop. I take my hat off to you, then I put it right back on 🙂


  3. I am a convert to frozen meals. As there will only be my son and I living together we can’t be bothered cooking properly and when my son gets in late from work he can have a good meal. Your grandfather is lucky to have you. 😀


  4. So wonderful he enjoy eating as he is 92. How nice of you to take him to shopping twice a week, Emilio. When I get to 90, I’ll eat chocolate all day long and every day. 🙂


  5. When I’m 90, I plan on eating everything I’ve been denying myself for years; Genoa salami, corn on the cob, ham, turkey, chicken, potato chips, etc. And I will get rid of all the vitamins and supplements. That is, only if my wife goes before me. She won’t let me if she’s still around.


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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