After Before Friday- Week 30

Prompts and Challenges


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See the guy with wings and a ponytail atop his head? Now, the guy just below him with the conveniently placed sheet draped haphazardly across his naked… umm, front? There’s a strange message going on here. He rests a hand on the man hugging his thigh- rather tightly, I might add- while his wife, naked breasts exposed, tugs at his wrist and attempts to get his attention, all the while clutching her baby in a rather careless and negligent way. Perhaps he has suddenly realized he is more attracted to men than women? I don’t know. I was going to say that I used to look just like this guy when I was younger. Thick wavy hair, strong chin, chiseled body. But now I’m not sure I want the comparison. I mean, I love my wife. Really. I do! I am not homophobic but I have no interest whatsoever in members of my own sex. Just wanted to clarify that! Sure I like football, even though it’s a bit rough of a game for me. And you have to admit those male ice skaters are really athletic- wearing skin tight, spandex suits that stretch with every lithe movement. Ummm, where was I?
OK, Here’s the before image:


With this image I first played with Enable Lens Profile in Lightroom, which corrects any lens distortion. I then played with the Horizontal Perspective and cropped it. I then adjusted the highlights, shadows, white and black clipping. Seeing that the color was less than exciting as a monochrome biage, I converted to black and white. I then imported into Perfect Effects 8 and increased the sharpness and the Dynamic Contrast. Back in Lightroom I increased the clarity and adjusted the contrast.

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Thanks as always to Stacy Fischer who has been hosting ABF for thirty weeks now at Visual Venturing. Venture on over there here!


28 thoughts on “After Before Friday- Week 30

    1. Thank YOU for coming by, Amy. I think you might start to see a bit more restraint in future post processing from me. At least that is my New Year’s resolution. More subtlety. maybe not always, but more!


  1. This looks great in black and white, great job. I noticed right away the guy holding on to his thigh, and I was looking at that baby being held so precariously… I wonder what the artist is really trying to tell us with this depiction… I took art history in college and I was always wondering “what on earth?” with so many of them, this reminds me of those.


    1. I’m sorry. I meant to. It is a bas-relief on the front (or back) of the Arc de Triomphe replica in Las Vegas Nevada. Since it is a part of the Paris Hotel and Casino- which has a replica of the Eiffel Tower- I wonder if the real Arc de Triomphe has the same sculpture!


      1. Ah, that’s why it looked familiar. It is a copy of one of the four reliefs on the original Arc de Triomphe in Paris and, according to one source, the name of this one is “Resistance and Peace.”


  2. I love the work you have done to bring out the detail, subtly can be so overrated! great post I have never used the Perfect Effect 8, but you do get some beautiful results with it. I might just have to check it out.


  3. Nice work on this one, good job with the straightening and framing and the black and white version is very cool! whats all this talk of restraint? Don’t forget New Years resolutions are just begging to be broken!

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  4. Splendid result. The after result looks so much better than the before image.
    May I ask why you used Perfect Effects 8 for contrasts and sharpness? I’ve never tried that software, Is it better than the contrast & sharpening you can do with LIghtroom?


    1. I received PE8 for free and found the sharpness far superior to what Lightroom can achieve. As for the contrast, I had to think about it, but yeah, I think both those elements are a bit more powerful. There is so much that PE can not do, though, but I have been so happy with it that I just purchased PE9. I rely on Lightroom and can not see doing without it. But I could do with Perfect Effects if I had too.

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  5. The Lens correction is great as well as the correction to the perspective. Converting it to monochrome was the best answer for this image unless you wanted to hand paint in some details. I really like the final image it is strong with just enough contrast to make it pop and the sharpness makes it jump out of the laptop.

    On a side note I have always wondered why the loin cloth is so precariously draped across the male organs but ladies have to share their breasts with everyone, surely this is unfair to the female viewer who is only being teased at what is underneath.


    1. Ben, as a young man I was very pleased that women shared their breasts with us men. Actually, us boys. Nowadays, not so much. When we go to a movie or even sometimes on tv, we will see female nudity but men in their boxers or briefs. It is ridiculous. I do think the female form is more pleasing than a man’s but enough is enough. It’s ridiculous and pulls you right out of the moment. Oh, and thanks for the compliment! 🙂


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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