The Bridge

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The Bridge

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Venice, Italy? No. Las Vegas NV. The Venetian Hotel And Casino. But it is a bridge, of sorts. OK, more like a walkway. Spanning a man-made canal. But they do have gondolas. And gondoliers who will serenade you.

No reason to go to Europe now.

Please visit Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for even more bridges.


29 thoughts on “The Bridge

    1. Yeah, I’m not too comfortable with flying, even though I do it. I just happen to be reading a book now that opens with a plane mysteriously landing at JFK with everyone (I assume) dead inside. Sort of like the old Twilight Zone set-ups. Maybe something you could write about!


    1. 500px mystifies me. I’ll work and work on a photo to where I love it and I get a 60 response. Then I’ll just throw something in and get a 95. This photo did not do well at all. As for the Harmonic theme, I like to change every so often so who knows what I’ll choose next. But I like a theme that shows off photos.


  1. Your wonderful pictures make me re-think Vegas and consider that maybe I should go back one day to visit again. I was totally unimpressed the first time, but Vegas seen through your camera suggests I wasn’t seeing it from the right perspective 🙂


    1. I have to look long and hard for photo opportunities around here. We never go down to the strip but I decided I had gone everywhere else and what self respecting photographer (OK, maybe I’m not a photographer, per se, but I do have some self respect!) does not have shots of Las Vegas. Especially if they live here. So we went Sunday night to see The High Roller (currently the world’s tallest observation wheel). I haven’t posted any shots of it yet because I was unimpressed with what I took. I’ll probably get back around Christmas.

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      1. How come you haven’t given us yet another version of your wonderful range of gravatars yet ? I wish someone would draw me in a hundred different poses … Sighh …. {grin}


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