One Four Challenge Week 3

Prompts and Challenges

Week 5In Robyn’s own words:

This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.

We will all process / post edit our own chosen image and share a different version each week.

Process it however you like… and tell us a bit about it. You don’t have to show the original image unless you’d like to.

Try new things, experiment. Be as creative or subtle as you wish to be.

And in my own words, the image above was going to be the final week’s version but it is my least favorite and I decided I didn’t want to end on it. I can’t really tell you what I did, short of exporting the image into Perfects Effects 8 and using a preset. I have to tell you that this is the first time I’ve tried this preset and I love it. Just not on this image. Maybe on a South Florida beach scene, I don’t know. I feel that  this version is all about the effect, not the image and there is no feeling of desolation, abandonment, decay that the other versions have in varying degrees. It is certainly an eye catcher- but for all the wrong reasons.

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To view the other participants in this challenge, please visit Robyn G’s Captivate Me.

And for a black and white version of this image- to which I am growing increasingly fond of- please check out Monochromia!


37 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Week 3

  1. I like it! It may not feel desolate or abandoned but there is a huge feeling of isolation here..standing alone in the extreme heat of the midday sun!
    It is very eye catching and I think successful 🙂


  2. A very different look Emilio. Definitely looks like a sketch and amazing how such a significant change can be done. Not my fave as i miss the wonderful depth that the sky brings to the other two but that’s just personal preference.


  3. I appreciate that you chose to show this version, even if you weren’t 100% on board with it. There are a lot of interesting elements to this image, particularly the cool coloring that comes through on the metal pieces. Too bad the sky gets washed out in the process…could be epic with that sky. Looking forward to your “finale”.


  4. This has the feeling of a drawing. I didn’t know what I was missing from it until I read another commenter’s note about the sky. That’s it – the sky isn’t prominent in this one. I’d say last week’s is still my favorite version, but I’m still looking forward to see what your final version is!


    1. Thanks, Sweet! I have since used this process on another image of mine and it didn’t look anything like an illustration so I don’t know what is causing that effect in this photo. But I like it, too!


  5. Nice … I like how the photo has progressed and how this last one looks so much like a drawing and takes on a completely different tone… great processing. Bravo.


  6. Well, it’s about experimenting Emilio, so as you say, some techniques work better with some images than others. It’s a bit too stark for my liking in this case, as if it was a partly completed sketch. Looking forward to the final one!


  7. I agree – the preset is perfect for a beach scene. In fact, this version has a sunny disposition to it. Wow, what a completely different mood than the previous!
    Looking forward to #4!


  8. I really like the effect the treatment had on the shack, a little contrasty and textured. But its a shame the higher key treatment blew out all the lovely texture the clouds had in the sky, its a bit bright and glary now.


  9. I think the colors on Week 3 are beautiful. And to me it does still feel desolate. But I agree with the comments about the sky. I know NOTHING about this, mind you-but sadly, that does not stop me having an opinion! 😉 I would think somewhere between Week 2and 3 would be beautiful! (But again. . . What do I know?!) I really like then all!


  10. Because it is such a change from the other images it looks very fresh, the decay is still in the image but it has a hope to it. I think the effect would really work on some specific images as the white out of tones could be quite aggressive, but here it works.

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