One Four Challenge – Nov Week 2

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Week 2 110914-2

 On this, the second week of Robyn’s One Four Challenge, I took last week’s corrections and removed the split tones of yellow and purple. I then desaturated the rest of the colors for this version. I added a bit of clarity and contrast and a few highlights on the building with a radial filter. Nothing to exciting but it is closer to the true colors of the original.

For another blog version of this challenge, please visit Stacy Fischer’s After Before Friday coming up on its anniversary special this Friday.

Week 1-2Week 2 110914-2


40 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Nov Week 2

      1. That is true 😉 Have you ever photographed something like a flower sitting right next to your computer and then tried to get the same color out of the image with the original sitting right there? That is a good exercise. Since my wife is often out with me when I’m taking landscape photos, we collaborate on the color of the light as she remembered it and as I remembered it. Usually we are pretty close, but sometimes she remembers the light being much different than I remember it. But then again, what does it matter? I figure it was my experience, it’s my image, I can make it look any way I want it to look.

        I do care about getting the photos as close to the original color as possible when I photograph items to sell, and especially when I photograph paintings and other artwork for reproduction or to show on sales sites or in catalogs.


        1. My wife accompanies me, too. Most times she is very helpful in processing but most times, if we disagree, I go with my gut. Of course, I don’t tell her she’s wrong, I just post my version and don’t say a word. Our differences are not that noticeable once the image is posted, and so far I haven’t been found out! 🙂


  1. Emilio, I like this version too!
    The sky seems a bit more foreboding in this edit.

    I’m glad you mention Stacy’s challenge too… maybe I said that last week – did I?
    There are definite similarities, but I think it’s also quite different at the same time.
    I’m really looking forward to the reveals in Stacy’s challenge this week 🙂

    I tried and tried to reply to you last week – although now I have no idea…lol
    iOS 8 wasn’t playing nice at all 😉


  2. Oh I like this version (even thought I don’t understand some of what you did to it … still learning post -processing). And I’m so glad that you showed last week’s too, for comparison.


    1. I’m with you! I think it becomes a visceral thing. And there’s no telling why you prefer one over the other. Wait till you see all versions then tell me what your favorite is and why. I think you’ll be even more confused. I know I am. Right now I’m favoring the b & w that I posted on Monochromia!


  3. This feels really cold and harsh and desolate now. I see why the building is so deteriorated, the landscape is so unforgiving. I see it in the sky. Lovely work.


    1. Thanks, Stacy, for the visit and the comment. I’ve never been there during the winter months so I’m not sure how cold it might be, but I can vouch for the area being harsh and desolate. There were many wooden ruins along the road and it was quite dusty!


  4. Hmm I have looked over these images a couple of different times. And, after a couple days…I can’t make up my mind.There are things I really like about each one. I like the yellow warmth over the first image. It gives everything a dusty feel, which must be what it is like there, a lot. I also like the crispness of the second image but it feels too “clean” if that makes sense. Interested to see where you are taking this next one…What a place to photograph, reminds me of parts of Owens Valley a bit, in California. The Trona, Death Valley side, not so much the Bishop, Mammoth side.


  5. The first image I liked because of the vintage feel of the image and saw noting wrong with the split toning. This weeks image is also as strong but has a more photo realistic feel, something I would expect to see in Nat Geographic.


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