Still Life With Motor Scooter

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Still Life With Moped

Please click anywhere on the image to see a high res version. It will blow your socks off! (Ok, maybe not your socks. Excuse me for the bit of hyperbole! I doubt anything can truly blow your socks off! Mine have a tendency to slip down my ankles but that’s about it!)

So we’re back at Lake Las Vegas. If you saw my post last week on Monochromia, titled Haunts of the Rich and Famous, you will understand the depths to which greed, avarice, and poor management have relegated this once proud bastion of, well, greed and avarice to, um, unbelievable depths! There is one small restaurant that seems to continue doing bang-up business and that is Sunset and Vines, a wine boutique bar and restaurant that serves fresh oysters in the desert! Allow me to elucidate from their menu (I know I’m getting off the track but I’m having so much fun. And you will, too!) Under appetizers, we have: FRESH OYSTERS- freshly shucked oysters served with 3 vinegar-shallot mignonette & Cajun remoulade dipping sauces, and SCOTTISH SALMON SASHIMI – thin sliced raw All Natural, Safe Harbor Certified Scottish salmon with guacamole droplets, shaved shallots & ponzu sauce, finished with a dusting of spicy Japanese togarashi peppers.

OK, I’ll admit their prices don’t seem as outlandish as their descriptions, but it makes me very suspicious when they state they have over 500 wines on the premises but refuse to list any other information, like I-don’t- know-maybe prices! I have included a link to their menu in case you so desire.

(Click her to see their menu)

So, about the image. I was looking for the best angle to photograph this restaurant when I came upon this vignette around the back of the building, close to the kitchen. I could not resist, it was so perfectly staged and lit from a street light filtering through the leaves of a tree. But, as I took my bracketed shots, a young lady came out and pulled the trash dumpster between the scene and the camera, effectively prohibiting me taking any further shots.

OK, I’m done! Go visit someone else’s site. I’ve taken up too much of your time. For more reading pleasure (assuming you got any pleasure from reading my ramblings) visit JannaTWrites for a nice twist on expectations of a scary Halloween tale.


42 thoughts on “Still Life With Motor Scooter

  1. I was surprised you said the photo was taken outside. It looks so … pristine.
    This is another one of your photos that I find myself staring at for a while. This time it’s the floor that has captured my attention. My first thought was that it was scratched up wooden planking … then it occurred to me it was a textured tile. Very interesting photo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I am having fun. I think maybe because I have never been so involved in anything in the past. I’m almost living and breathing photography lately with all the great bloggers I follow and tutorials I’ve been reading and youtubes I’ve been watching. And my wife encourages me! I think she’s just happy my obsession does not include another woman. 😉

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    1. It’s funny but I agree with you on that “stage set” look- which I had nothing to do with. The processing was pretty straightforward. That’s the way the camera saw it- not me! But I like it!


    1. Me? Ramble? You must be thinking of someone else! I don’t ramble! True I might suffer from a bit of ADD but that’s not my fault. Growing up I was…. And who ever heard of fresh oysters in the desert? If they had said fresh frozen I could accept it but FRESH! The nearest ocean is in California, an entire state away! Fresh my ….

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      1. Ha! I see what you mean. I forget about these things as I live by the coast, so fresh means fresh. By the way I understand the rambling and the ADD, too well…anyway back to that corpse…still sounded like good food though. If anything you walked away with a good few shots no doubt?


  2. Wonderful. I also find myself being drawn into this shot. The textures are gorgeous as are the light and composition.
    It also has a real old fashioned feel, which I really enjoy.
    As always, love what youre doing!!


  3. Love your gallery Emilio – such a unique and artistic style. And your humor brightens my day. Fro some reason I thought i was already subscribed to you. I am now. Keep up the great work! Best regards to you and yours. – Bruce


    1. Thanks, Bruce. You may see a bit less of my humor till after the holidays. I am so swamped- as I am sure you must be, too- with the season and end of year business plans. Take care and my regards to you and yours, too!


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