Deja Two All Over Again

Prompts and Challenges

Pay attention. There will be a test. Well, not so much a test as a poll! So, the photo with processing that everyone loved- OK every one of the 64 “Likes” and 8 commentors- except for my wife:

Ford Truck

And the original straight from the camera- except for a bit of color correcting and cropping- which the wife preferred:


And the original straight from the camera:


And now the poll:


45 thoughts on “Deja Two All Over Again

  1. Okay, I saw the edited one on your last post and loved it. Now that I see the options I have to say that I do like the second one (your wife’s choice) and I think it’s because of the brilliant blue sky – it adds a nice pop of color. If the fully edited one could be done with the blue sky, it would be my fav easy 🙂


    1. What no one seems to have realized- at least no one mentioned it- is that I added the clouds, which, of course, dilutes the blue of the sky. And this is why I do not like to give people options- then I start to rethink what I’ve done. Maybe Janna’s right? Maybe Sue is? Maybe I’m just a hack? Who knows. But I am having fun! Thanks to people like you!


  2. Emilio it was a tough call but it’s a bit like apples and oranges. They both are beautiful but in sue different ways. I do love the brilliant colors of your wife’s choice however my vote was for yours as I do love the final art look of it.


    1. Yes, yes! I, Emilio Pasquale, triumph again! The little woman must bow down to my magnificence! Thank you, Sue! Apples and oranges, indeed! Just one question: who of us is the apple, who the orange?


  3. Somehow I missed this post. Must go back 🙂
    I really do like your edit, but after pondering for a bit, I really like the 2nd one, but with the sky desaturated a little to tone down the blue.
    Such a neat old truck. Love the textures you have brought out in the 2nd and 1st one especially. Actually still pondering – Could. Please choose a mix of 1 and 2? 😀
    Another wonderful image Emilio!


    1. Robyn, you put me to shame! Your processing is so much better than mine that I would do (almost) anything you ask. But if I were to combine my version with my wife’s, she would see it as a capitulation that she was right and I was wrong. Now I know there is no right or wrong when it comes to taste. But I just could not even give the impression of being weak here. I hope you understand! 😉


          1. Perhaps neither… and we see the world through our own artistic and camera eyes… 😉 Yes that’s it!!
            Totally love your work and processing by the way 🙂 Always inspiring.. And looove those old trucks!


  4. I like the way you processed the sky and made the image look like a film image from the 70’s but I have to tell you I was so tempted to check “To be left alone”, LOL.


  5. Not fair – they’re not playing in the same competition.
    As a photograph, I love your wife’s choice for the richness of the colour and its focus of the truck.
    As a piece of art I would want to put on my wall, I like yours. The texture of the truck and hills behind it come out and complement each other.
    They are both beautiful, but not the same.


  6. Ok. I can’t spend anymore time looking at this. I can’t decide now that I have them all in front of me. Was it Robert Nero that said I’m conflicted and Analyze This? That’s me. Conflicted. Among other things. 😉


  7. I love you edit! It takes a well-composed picture of a truck and turns it into a story about decay and abandonment. I want to invest imagination in that image. Cheers, Su.


  8. So my two cents. I do like the sky in the second photo. But, as you know, I like to analyze the photo and choose based on what the main content is. Every photo, or at least most, should have one main focus point. In this one you are trying to show off the truck. Although the blue sky is nice in the second one, it’s a bit distracting to me and I don’t focus on the truck so much. The second one also gives a bit more detail to the truck which I like. The clouds were also a nice touch and I noticed them right away when looking between the two. I have to admit though that I didn’t notice the clouds from the first post of this photo, but then again, you didn’t put them there to be the main content.

    A bit of advice that I have picked up. When creating photographic art, you are the artist. What others think should not influence the way you create. It should be your vision, not the vision of a collective. When creating your vision with little to no outside changes suggested by others, then you are closer to creating a more unique piece. I think if anything, the best advice would be composition advice rather than on editing as you can edit shot that has an excellent composition many different ways and it’ll come out nice. Now try to edit a shot that has horrible composition and it becomes much more difficult to make it look nice.

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Now I just have to get my head around the fact that I am the artist and it is my vision. Not my wife’s or a follower’s. For good or bad, better or worse. If what I do, pleases others, so much the better. But I have to be pleased with the results first and foremost! Thanks, JT, I really appreciate your comments and look forward to what you have to say whenever you do comment. But just be warned. No matter how much I might agree with you, I will not change one of my images to please you! 😉


      1. I am happy that you wouldn’t change your photos for me because one of the reasons why I enjoy following you and viewing your photos are because they are different than mine. One thing that I have realized is that I enjoy viewing photos from others that I have no interest in doing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy the photo. It also can give me a different look on things and give me new ideas on how to create new photos that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. If you do find me commenting on something to change, it most likely wouldn’t be the processing, but possibly either the composition of the photograph or possibly some times on the technical side of things on how to possibly achieve a more visually appealing shot. I tend to try and stray away from editing tips as I think that editing is more so a personal preference where an appealing compositional photograph is something that is more general. Unless that editing of course involves using the crop tool to straighten the horizon or removing part of the photo that seems to distract the viewer away from the main purpose.


        1. I just enjoy that you are so willing to share your knowledge and insights with me. And I like that you stay away from commenting on overall post processing. I did not, one time, and got blasted by someone who took offense. Not by the one who posted but by one of her followers! I will never make that mistake again!


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