Silent Sunday


Ford Truck

Please click on the image above to see a high res version.

As this is Silent Sunday, we are not supposed to say a word. So I won’t. Except to explain that my wife didn’t necessarily like this processing. She liked it better as shot! After going back and forth with her, I could see her point and almost posted the version she liked. But this is MY blog, after all!

Sorry, babe!

And if you prefer black and white images, please visit Monochromia.


35 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. I never show to my wife photos that I post to my blog before I post it otherwise I end up having to explain why I did all the changes from the original version, trying to bring rational arguments to an artistic vision to proove your point is a lost battle before it even started …..


    1. I will have to follow your advice. Last night I showed her something I was very proud of and she shot me down- inadvertently- by saying it hurt her eyes! And it wasn’t even processed but straight from the camera- clouds shot over a 2 minute+ exposure with an ND 10 filter.


                    1. I knew you were trying to be funny. So was I! I’m always afraid I might accidentally or inadvertently offend someone. But that doesn’t seem to stop me. You’re OK in my book, Sue, so try to be as funny as you want whenever you want!

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    1. I never would have thought I had an eye for distressed objects but, living in the desert, that seems to be all I find. And I also find some great beauty in these old vehicles and decaying wooden buildings. Thanks, Joanne!


    1. Thanks, Dixie. I know nothing about cars and trucks but love taking photos of them. And interestingly, those mountains had a distinct purple cast to them straight from the camera. “For purple mountain majesties”, indeed!


  2. I’ll be number four- let’s see the other one so we can see who was “right” 🙂

    Only kidding, but I am curious what the original looked like. I like how this one turned out, just seeing it on its own with nothing to compare it to, so I’d say this one is a success!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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