Autumn Leaves


I’m tired of everyone posting colorful photos of dead or dying leaves.

I wish people would just leave me alone with their images of fall foliage!

Here in the desert the colors of autumn are brown and beige, which are considerably better than the colors during the rest of the year, which are beige and brown!

When I feel the need to embrace autumn, I get myself to the lobby at the Bellagio Hotel. Dale Chihuly has designed a magnificent glass chandelier called Fiori di Como, comprised of 2,000 hand blown glass blossoms.

Chihuly CeilingPlease click on the image above to see a high res version of Fiori di Como.

And if you need a sip of black and white to cleanse your palate, please visit Monochromia!


54 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

    1. Who else can afford his work? I plan on charging $1500 for one of my prints- unframed, 8×10. Maybe $1600 matted and framed. I should have a private exhibition by invitation only at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art within the year!


    1. There are quite a few things to see and do without spending much money- contrary to popular belief. My wife and I don’t gamble at all- except for the occasional lottery ticket my wife buys. She thinks she’s going to win and set up all her family in different businesses. She even has included members of my family in her plans. I asked if she might set aside a few thousand for a new camera for me. She said she’ll think about it!

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  1. You got it wrong, we show the fall foliage not because it’s beautiful but because we know what’s coming, threes covered with white snow, sunset on mountains covered with white snow, frozen lake covered with white snow and even white snow covered with white snow… fall foliage last only a few weeks, the white snow will last for a few months … and what photos won’t show is the temperature that will freeze our a…. so for me showing red leaves is form of mental denial of what’s coming :=)

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    1. Thank you, Nelson, for putting it into perspective for me. I feel so much better now. I hope to see a lot of snow photos from you shortly! But do me a favor and wear a flannel kilt when it gets cold. I hate the sound of knobby knees knocking together.


    1. Don’t they? That’s what I first thought they were! It might have been designed as a school of jellyfish but then when no one was interested in buying it, Chihuly said that it was mass of flower petals and the rest is history!


    1. Sue, how the heck are you? Where the heck are you? Maybe I should keep up with your travels better. I have no one to blame but myself for not visiting your blog recently. I was thinking about you this morning (well, you and your husband, really) and swearing to myself that I would get better at following and commenting on your posts. After all, you’re nice enough to comment on mine. So that is my New Year’s resolution that is being initiated today. OK, maybe tomorrow. But well before January 1. I promise!


      1. Emilio you crack me up. Just back from three weeks in Italy and France. Fabulous cycling in Tuscany. No need to comment but go have a boo at a couple of photos. By New Years you can count on them.
        Headed to San Francisco in a couple of weeks. Hope all is well with you. I’ve been absent from your blog too so no worries.


  2. In Phoenix, fall isn’t really distinguishable season. The few trees that did lose leaves didn’t have the brilliant colors. There are lots of pine/juniper where I’m at now, but if we look for a bit, we can find areas that have the kinds of trees that show some reds/oranges.

    I like the brilliant colors in the photo. We were in Vegas several years ago, but I don’t remember seeing this. I do remember spending time in one hotel that had a large garden area with colorful butterflies (not real!) Of course, I don’t remember what hotel. Vegas is more my husband’s thing. I’d be content lounging on the deck with a good read 🙂


    1. As I’ve said before, we are basically newly weds (two years, five months) so my wife usually comes with me when I shoot. But I believe one of these days she will lose interest. If photography (or Vegas) is not your thing, it has to get boring unless you can do what interests you!


  3. very cool – and while I am not tired of pumpkins and leaves quite yet, I did find this refreshing! And at first – from a small view in my reader- I thought that these were a recycled CD project – like maybe they were colored and melted to shape. But then I saw the larger view and wow – gorgeous glass!!! and just novel and cool too


  4. I love the fall colors around me, but this colorful photo is a nice break. I remember walking through the Bellagio and seeing this; it was almost overwhelming in person. Thank you for the memories!


  5. At least I won’t disappoint you when you don’t see any fall foliage from me! 🙂

    Not that I don’t like to go and photography the millions of trees here in WI during the fall, just that I’ve had the lack of motivation for trying to find a spot to do so. Plenty of years ahead of my yet so I’m not too worried about it at this point. But I think the main thing is that there’s so many photos out there already and I’m all about trying to find a unique shot and it’s so hard to do with something that is already so saturated. So I say to myself, “lets move on to a different project and experiment with other things.” I’ve got the new Nikon 20mm f/1.8 on order and can’t wait to try that out during the winter. But you don’t get much snow either. On the other hand, I do see a lot more fall photos than winter photos so perhaps you’ll enjoy the winter shots more? Anyways, I’m hoping for more spectacular photos this coming winter than I got last winter by using my vast storage of knowledge and new things I’ve learned over the spring/summer/fall months. 😀


    1. Justin, every time you comment on my blog I learn so much! I think, when I come to an iconic scene or monument or something that has been photographed over and over again, I seem to settle on just any set-up in order to say “I was there”. I don’t seem to take the time to look around, get excited about the scene. I’ve started taking my time on processing shots in Lightroom- which for me is a step. I was speeding through photos by using a lot of presets that I had either purchased or designed myself. This morning I spent over an hour on one image and love it! To me it stands out from every thing else I have done. Others might not see what I’m talking about but I’m excited and newly motivated and that’s what counts. I think basically that’s what you’re saying. You’ve got to be excited about what you’re doing, the image you’re taking. And, of all the seasons, I do enjoy winter the most. Snow, ice, freezing temperatures just make me feel alive. Weighed down by extra clothing, perhaps, but not by life!

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      1. I think you’ve summed it up quite well with how I take my photos. If I don’t see it or don’t feel it, I don’t photograph it. I wish you luck on getting unique shots by looking at something in a different angle. I guess in a different aspect, a shot only needs to be unique to you, not to the entire world. To me, if I’ve seen it or I’ve already done it, it’s not unique. I’m sure I’ve taken photos that look similar to something someone else has taken, but unless I’ve actually seen it, to me it’s unique. And to top it off, I’m still surprising myself with my photos from my most recent work.

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        1. I think it’s all still new to me so I’m studying others photos and then taking photos in imitation of ones I’ve liked. Got to get away from that habit! That’s why I enjoy reading you almost as much as viewing your images!


  6. Very nice colours, and yes a nice change to the usual autumnal fare. Reminds me of a similar installation on the island of Murano. Although I don’t think my shot is as nice as yours.


  7. Once again you make me laugh! Sorry about the brown and beige… Our winters are greyyyyyy.. so I understand 😉
    I didn’t know about Dale Chihuly… This is a wonderful installation and work of art.
    Very glad your shared this as your Autumn, as I may not have known about this otherwise. Inspiring!!!

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