Shot at 6:52 am approximately 2 hours away from our home. So there!

Shot at 6:52 am approximately 2 hours away from our home one cold January morning. So there!

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I received an email from a friend today who called me a lazy photographer. Well, OK, so he wasn’t really a friend. And he didn’t actually call me by name. But he might as well have. See, I subscribe to a newsletter from Digital Photography School. They emailed me an article titled “6 Signs That You May be a Lazy Photographer” written by John Davenport. Why he would not capitalize ‘be’ and ‘a’ is beyond me. But his “Sign #3 – You’re full of excuses” states: “Everything from sunrise being too early, to the weather being too cold, to your tripod being too heavy sets you back from someone who’s willing to go the extra mile to make the shot. Stop making excuses and get out and make photos instead.”  Just so you know, I have gone out several times before dawn to photograph the rising sun. I have, also, never complained of it being too cold- I can handle the cold. In fact I love the cold. It’s the heat I can’t stand. Must be the Latin blood but I sweat like a stuffed pig (I know, a not very attractive image). And my tripod is not a Manfrotto but it is not too heavy for my wife to carry. She’s a good woman. I think I’ll keep her. As long as she’ll have me!


32 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. Whahahahaha! You’re so funny Emilio and I don’t think you’re a lazy photographer at all. What a stunning image! You left quite early to take this amazing shot. You have a good wife indeed and you should keep her for sure. I feel the same way about my hubby. 😆

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      1. hahaha! The minute I start, I can’t stop Emilio, so you don’t want that. LOL! You’re very welcome my friend and tell your lovely wife the pleasure is all mine. 😆


  2. I like this image Emilio and bravo for being out that early 🙂 Heat is my worst enemy also. I could take the cold or getting up early but 102 degrees is extremely hot. I laugh at people who say, “but its dry heat”. My answer is put your head in an oven thats dry heat too 🙂


    1. I’ve lived in NY with 90 percent humidity and 90+ degrees outside. Is that a “wet” heat? Because I was just as hot and uncomfortable there as I am here. The difference with this dry heat is that we have 4 seasons in name only. We have summer and our Chhristmas season when tourists still walk the strip in shorts.


  3. My wife had said at one point that I’m the laziest person she knows when I wouldn’t get up right away to do something. I like to think of it as I like to do things when I’m ready to. In the end, I always get things done. We all make excuses and we all have a different definition of being lazy. Does it matter if you only get one sunrise out of 200? If we always looked at the shots we didn’t get because we didn’t feel like being somewhere at a specific time for some reason, then we’d be filled with disappointment because we would always not get a great shot.

    Technically you can spin that comment into saying that you are too lazy to get that shot because you are unwilling to purchase a plane ticket to go to some remote location then getting a boat to go to an even more remote location and camping out on some small island barely able to fit a few people waiting for the perfect sunrise/sunset because the view isn’t like any other place in the world. Not sure if this place really exists but in theory everything is possible. Anyways, based on this, one can come to the conclusion that you are not too lazy to get the shot because of multiple reasons, it probably just comes straight down to the point that you just don’t care! You might care after the fact thinking that if you would have then you could of gotten something rewarding out of it, but at the moment you cared about something else more. People who care do whatever it takes to get the shot, but if you don’t have the passion to care about the shot, then it probably won’t happen.

    For me, sometimes I care and sometimes I don’t. A lot of factors come into play. We try to balance our lives finding what makes us happiest at the moment. Since I have been into photography, I’ve noticed that a lot of decisions I make outside of work is based somewhat on my photographic chances. If my wife wants to go somewhere I quickly analyze whether or not I’ll be able to do any photography there, and if so, I’m a little more excited. This also gets me to thinking that an exercise a photographer can do is not to pick the place and time they want to get a great shot, but try and get a great shot based on the situation they are in. I think that would force you to think more about how to get a shot.

    Sorry about the long comment. But, I too like the cold more, as you can tell by more winter photos than any other season on my blog. And a great shot Emilio!

    Maybe I should blog a bit on my thoughts about different things like this, but then there’s always that thing called time……..never enough of it.

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    1. After reading your longwinded comment, I must say I feel so much better about myself. I think us lazy guys have to stick together. Do you think we’ve married the same woman? Because my wife says I’m the laziest person she knows, too. And please don’t refer to your comment as long. I would only consider it long if it were boring. And then even one sentence could be considered boring. I enjoy your comments as well as your blog. And your flickr account.


  4. Hey E – fun take on the article – laughing at the part with the wife – you are funny.

    oh – and regarding the “be and the “a” –

    well in some styles of writing – the rules say that in a title – we do not capitalize articles, conjunctions, or prepositions under 5 letters…

    “Capitalize all words in titles of publications and documents, except a, an, the, at, by, for, in, of, on, to, up, and, as, but, it, or, and nor.”


    1. That’s what I need…, an English lesson! Who was it that said, “I don’t get no respect”? Because it’s a double negative does that mean he DOES get respect? Which wouldn’t make it funny at all! 🙂


  5. A lazy photographer really is one without a camera. Of course those articles are click bait but they can be funny. I would say that a still life and studio portrait photography reason #3 is null and void.


  6. Emilio, your image is beautiful and your words always make me smile.
    For those two things, I thank you (and I’m sure there’s more I could thank you for but then I’d have to think some more)


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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