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In Italian, Palazzo means palace, so maybe I am just so overwhelmed by the Bellagio and Encore and Paris hotels that I do not understand why this one was named The Palace. They couldn’t even use English, as if the Italian makes it more exclusive. I much prefer the Econo-Lodge not far from my home, when visiting dignitaries (my uncles, aunt, and cousins) come to visit. (Econo-Lodge in Italian is Lodge Economico)!

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30 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge- Buildings

  1. By the way, coming directly to your blog to visit, I see all these wonderful posts that I don’t remember seeing in my reader. Imagine my surprise when I look at the follow/following button, only to find that the WP genie has, once again, removed my “follow” from your blog. Aarrghhhh. What is up with this?? I just found the same thing on Han’s blog too. Anyway, I’m baaaack…


    1. Just can’t get rid of you, can I? 🙂 I think Han and I have to come up with some new idea. Maybe a death ray. Not that I want to kill you or anyone. I just happen to be reading something about a death ray and that’s what came to mind! I have no excuse for not commenting on your or other’s posts. I have just been so busy. I apologize! I plan on being very busy reading and commenting on as many posts as possible this week and next and from now on!


      1. Death ray, huh? Well, that’s going out with a bang… or a flash …
        Anyway, no worries about commenting. I actually think we’ve had this conversation before. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything we’d like. I used to pride myself on always leaving some kind of meaningful comment on a post but lately I’m coming to find that if I wait until I have time to do that, my blogging buddies will think I’m ignoring them completely. So as much as I dislike merely leaving “likes,” I’m realizing they serve as a nice hello and are at least a form of interaction. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it 🙂


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