Silent Sunday

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Car Barn

Thank  you,Cosmic Girlie, for hosting this every Sunday.

And for your black & white dessert, please go visit Monochromia.


28 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. I love it, yes the contrast & the colors, somehow it looks like a toy diorama and I would love to go there taking pics, the landscape, the light so different to here, we have parts in europe looking like that, the mediterranean area, but there are no Texaco signs and no old american wrecked cars. You know from time to time I am hunting for rusted things.


      1. You keep adding to your gravatar, and it’s immensely amusing, Emilio. But you must have reached a point where you can’t expand on it any more, surely ? [grin]


  2. Just like Sue said – there are many things to like in this photo!! I don’t dare mention the sky again – although it seems to be the first thing my eye is always drawn to …
    … or the richness of the colour of the wood on the top of the building compared to the side.


    1. Joanne, mention the sky all you want. I love cloudy skies. Much more dramatic. I see what you’re talking about when you mention the wood on top. I’m going to have to check to see if it’s a filter I added for the sky or that’s the way it really is! I’ll get back to you!

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