The Space Between

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I haven’t a clue what that title refers to. I asked Janna if she wanted to write another story using one of my photos as inspiration. She said yes. This is the third time we have collaborated – though she does most of the work! The photo I gave her is below. The story she came up with is on her site. I have yet to read it. Go visit her. Now. You might even see me there. She will make it worth your while. I’m sure of it! I will give a quarter to anyone who comes back here and dares to say that their time wasn’t well spent!

My photo:

International truck

Janna’s story:

The Space Between

Also, I contribute to a daily site called Monochromia which is reserved for black and white images only. New images are posted each day at 1 am and 1 pm. Pleas stop by occasionally. We’d love to have you!


43 thoughts on “The Space Between

    1. Yeah, didn’t think about that. Sorry. I’ll try to stay away from snow for at least another month but I don’t guarantee anything! Of course, I’m ready for snow any time. Love it! Did you go read the story?


    1. I’ve been here 15 years (OMG!) and in all that time I think it’s snowed twice. And just as suddenly melted. This was taken somewhere in Iowa or Nebraska, I’m not sure. It was a long road trip in mid May one year!


  1. Thanks for offering up your photo as inspiration for another story! Do you want to try another one in September? If so, maybe I should give you a preview of what I’ve written so you’d know what to write (or back out if you totally hate the story, haha!)

    I’ve spent most of my life in Arizona, so I didn’t mind the snow in the photo at all. In twenty-five years, I think I saw snow once in Phoenix. Since we moved to a more forest-y part of the state last year, we see a little more, but not too much.


    1. Funny you should say that. I was going to suggest the same thing for future consideration- you writing and me trying to find a worthy photo either from my archives or new. I’d much prefer to shoot something new. So yes, I’m definitely game. Or the game is on! Let me read your story. Whether I like it or not shouldn’t influence me, though I can tell you that so far you are batting a thousand!


      1. I like that twist – writing the story first and challenging you to find a photo. I’ll email you when I have something that is about the right length for a post. I think it’s easier to write a story around a photo than vice versa, so I think you’ve suggested a fine challenge for yourself!


  2. Love the colors, and tones — incredible blanket of snow on the hood!! Looks like a blanket I could reach out and touch or move!! Very nice work — and great inspiration for story!


  3. Again, fantastic photo and I stopped over at Janna’s and read the story. Blew me away. If I could write, it would keep people captivated, like that story kept me. Thank you for pointing me (us) in her direction.


    1. I agree. Not about the photo, though it is pretty darn good if I say so myself, 😀 but about Janna’s writing. You can never guess where she’s going until you’re done. And even then there might be a question. I love her writing!


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