Almost Monochrome Madness- Week 26

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Last week, Leanne wrote “… it seems we are going with the idea of monochrome images that are actually colour images but they look like they are monochrome.  So the images will look like monochrome, but when you look more closely you will see they are colour.”

So, here’s my little contribution. Taken on the Rue d’Abbeville,  between the Place Franz-Liszt and the Rue de Rocroy in August 2014.

Almoat Mono


OK, OK, I feel so guilty when I lie. This was taken on Las Vegas Blvd, between Tropicana Blvd and Harmon Ave. In Las Vegas. Nevada.

Please go take a look at Leanne’s Monochrome Madness for more Almost Monochrome Madness. No Lie!

And if it’s monochrome madness you suffer from and can’t get enough, visit Monochromia. For a new black and white fix daily!


29 thoughts on “Almost Monochrome Madness- Week 26

  1. You could’ve kept the ruse about where the photo was taken and I wouldn’t have known any better :). I’m not a fan of architecture that looks back at me, but it is a cool photo!


  2. Love the crispness of this photo with a hint of blue. Personally, I love architecture with 3D details and faces. I should ask my son who studied architectural design why it was done. I’m guessing he won’t know either.


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