Six Word Saturday- Surfin’ Moonlight Beach


Surfers cu

My first Six Word Saturday post!

Thanks to Cate for the idea! Thanks to Johanna for the introduction!

And please visit Monochromia, if you’ve half a mind. If you have a whole mind, never mind!


45 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday- Surfin’ Moonlight Beach

    1. Janet, Janet, Janet! How about “Six Word Saturday- Surfin’ Moonlight Beach” or, “My first Six Word Saturday post” or’ Thanks to Cate for the idea” or, Thanks to Johanna for the introduction”? Now, it’s 5:51 am. I’m going back to bed!

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    1. Thanks, Tim. This was another of those shots that just happened. I was waiting for the sun to set when the one guy at the shore line appeared, then the other walked into the scene. I ended up liking it more than the sunset I shot that day.


    1. So you think this was an easy shoot, do you? Just point the camera and get a beautiful shot? I’ll have you know it was just the opposite. Too many young women prancing in and out of the water, barely covered in bikinis of bright colors, hair flowing, skin wet and smooth,…


      1. Then I am really grateful that you restrained yourself and pointed the camera at half-clad men instead for your female followers to appreciate 🙂

        … ummm, I just re-read that it implies a bit like you have a cult following. Yeah, it might actually still apply …


  1. Beautiful photo (I think that’s what I say every time…. I really need to think of an original way to write that!) The story I get from this photo is, “‘Be the wave’… whatever that means.” That guy looking out onto the ocean seems to be deep in thought.

    If I have less than half a mind, should I visit Monochromia? Never mind… I’ll check it out later… surely my mind will return…


    1. I consider you one of my favorite writers. And yet, you can’t think of anything original to say about my work? Fine! From now on I’m going to read your stories and just say “nice story!” That’s all. See how you like it! And if you do visit Monochromia and feel like commenting, please, say it in black and white!


  2. Excellent shot! and while I do see that “surfs up” is the focus, this environmentalist sees (in six words):
    “Earth, oceans are rising, doomed houses”
    (yeah, I know, such a negative take on such a happy image).
    It really is a great shot!


  3. I would like to think that my mind is whole, but … I have never tried to understand the concept behind the 6 words Saturday as it is not my day for posting :D. Your photo tells a story in itself and I don’t know if it can be summed just to six words :D. Beautifully taken and processed – sorry for not being original in my review.


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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