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Car Barn

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The Space Between

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I haven’t a clue what that title refers to. I asked Janna if she wanted to write another story using one of my photos as inspiration. She said yes. This is the third time we have collaborated – though she does most of the work! The photo I gave her is below. The story she came up with is on her site. I have yet to read it. Go visit her. Now. You might even see me there. She will make it worth your while. I’m sure of it! I will give a quarter to anyone who comes back here and dares to say that their time wasn’t well spent!

My photo:

International truck

Janna’s story:

The Space Between

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Almost Monochrome Madness- Week 26

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Last week, Leanne wrote “… it seems we are going with the idea of monochrome images that are actually colour images but they look like they are monochrome.  So the images will look like monochrome, but when you look more closely you will see they are colour.”

So, here’s my little contribution. Taken on the Rue d’Abbeville,  between the Place Franz-Liszt and the Rue de Rocroy in August 2014.

Almoat Mono


OK, OK, I feel so guilty when I lie. This was taken on Las Vegas Blvd, between Tropicana Blvd and Harmon Ave. In Las Vegas. Nevada.

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After Before Friday Week 13 – Pine Mountain Barn

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 It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, the wife out of town, dishes piled in the sink, bed unmade. We had been to Pine Mountain UT two years earlier and I wanted to return to take some photos. Couldn’t believe Google Maps saying it was 3 and a half hours away. But I started out at 1:30 hoping to reach the area by golden hour. Guess they don’t know how I drive. I shaved a full hour off the total time and arrived long before golden hour, yet just in time for a torrential downpour. Thunder and lightning and gusty winds! Coming from sun drenched Nevada, suffering through a 4 year drought, I felt as if I were in heaven! I drove with the windows open along the final few miles to Pine Mountain getting soaked. Not one good photo came from there. But along the way, before the rains, I did stop along the side of the road to capture this image. When I opened it in Lightroom I was unsure how much I could push it. When viewed 1:1 there is some noise in the sky that I think I can work on!

I hope you enjoy!






So, as mentioned in a previous ABFriday, I always begin by opening up the shadows and bringing down the highlights, then I check the clipping on the whites and blacks (so that no whites are blown out and there is still detail in the blacks). I might add a bit of contrast at this stage depending on the image and lighting. The before image above is straight from the camera. The corrected image below has these first 5 elements adjusted:

Trees and Fog 2


You can see how much detail there was in the blacks. This is only possible when shooting RAW. If shooting jpg, you would not be able to get as much detail back!



Trees and Fog 3



I then darkened the bottom of the photo up to the mountain tops and started adding bursts of highlights to the sides of the barn.



Trees and Fog 4



I added highlights to the roof and the front of the barn and on the grass and tree tops in this version on the left. I also straightened the image overall!


For the After version (the first image that opened this post), I then added some clarity to the image and softened the sky a bit. I also added a vignette (a slight darkening of the tops and sides) to focus the eye to the center of the image!

And there you have it! I also have a black and white version that didn’t come out too poorly. I might use it for Monochromia one day. Please stop by there to see some fantastic black and white images.

And please stop by to thank Stacy Fischer over at Visual Venturing for hosting After Before Friday each week!Her reason for doing this? “Because everyone likes pictures.”

Steam Heat

Lehi Station

Lehi UT


I’ve got ::cling cling:: fsssss steam heat.

I’ve got ::cling cling:: fsssss steam heat.

I’ve got ::cling cling:: fsssss steam heat.

But I need your love to keep away the cold.

From The Pajama Game Soundtrack Musical, 1954
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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AB Friday Week 11- Trust Your Car

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I bought my Canon T2i in July of 2010. I knew nothing about shooting in RAW or how to really use my new camera. So this was shot jpg with the Canon EF-S18-55mm kit lens, probably on full automatic mode. Amazing that Lightroom could still pull so much out of it. Some might say I went a bit overboard with the post processing but I just couldn’t stop myself. There were 94 adjustments done to this image but really most of them were tried, then deleted before I got to my finished image. So let’s just say there were only half that. Approximately 47 Lightroom adjustments. I think I was in the ballpark after only 6 adjustments and it will be nice to hear what others think!


 As I do with all my post processing, I first brought down the highlights and opened up the shadows, adjusted the black and white clipping, added clarity (this time 100%) and  contrast (this time 50%). I then added a radial filter on the face of the sign, which makes it darker. Then I inverted it which made the sky darker, the face of the sign lighter.


I added a radial filter on the inside of the light hood and colored it yellow, then I added a yellow brush stroke on the sign.


I adjusted the luminance and color noise reduction, lowered the blue saturation, and added a post crop vignette.


Finally, I adjusted the exposure, the highlights, added a spot of bright yellow on the light bulb itself, and adjusted the saturation.



I hope I haven’t bored you. If you’re still reading, please let me know your true feelings on the exposure and color. Sometimes I like it, othertimes I think it’s still too blue and maybe a touch too dark.

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