Making History


Death Valley-5113

If I were a carnivore, I would say Janna’s stories are a meat eater’s delight, a steak, no a filet Mignon! There’s just so much to chew on and they melt like butter in your mouth. But please don’t let my stupid little description dissuade you from reading any of her stories. I am not a writer. Janna is!


11 thoughts on “Making History

      1. Well how come I never saw it then ? – answer me THAT !
        OK, don’t. I’m a maroon, we can both agree.
        What have you been doing, anyway ? – where have you been ?


  1. That was such a creative (and flattering) intro, Emilio. Perhaps you are a writer 🙂

    Thank you again for providing one of your photos for me to write a story from. Your photography is inspiring… and creating the story is great fun!

    Hey, I noticed you added a copyright to the image you posted here… do you want to copyright your images that I post on my blog with the story? I think it’s a good idea, and I can just make a note, used with owner’s permission, or something of the sort…


    1. At least I didn’t compare YOU to a piece of meat- only your writing. 😉 As you mentioned, I just started adding a copyright notice to my photos (for whatever good that might do, I’m not sure). So yes, it might be an idea to make notation next time. But if you forget, no problem. If it ever came to it, I might even be flattered if someone stole one of my photos.


      1. Haha, I’ve never been compared to a piece of meat, so I seriously doubt at my age there’s any danger of that happening!

        I will certainly make the notation. If you don’t have the copyright on it when you sent it to me, I can add it.

        Would you like me to steal one of your photos? (Crud, I’d make a lousy thief… it’s not stealing if you ask…)


  2. JANNA! DID YOU HEAR THAT? Thanks, Imelda. That,s a great compliment. For both of us. We’re talking about making it a regular bit between the two of us. Probably towards the end of each month. Hope you come back!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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