ABFriday Week 9- Any Minute Now!

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At first glance- even at second and third glance- this appears to be a set or model. I’m not sure why. The angle perhaps? But it is a real building against a real mountain with a very real vintage bus and a very real vintage truck parked alongside. How long the building may stand is anyone’s guess. I would say any minute now it might crumble to the ground.



I downloaded the Before into Lightroom and cropped and straightened it. I opened the shadows and brought down the highlights, and set the clipping on the whites and blacks.


I then boosted the clarity, lowered the contrast, and lowered the exposure.


I used the graduated filter from the bottom of the frame up to lower the exposure and sharpen the texture of the gravel. From the top down I used a separate graduated filter to darken the sky and reduce the clarity and sharpness. I brushed highlights on the gravel and the building to help it stand out from the background. Then I added a post-crop vignette.

14694172653_20da0ebb29_bHope you enjoy!

If you like pictures (Come on, you have to. Why? “Because Everyone Likes Pictures”!) then go visit Stacy’s Visual Venturing!


And for all your black and white needs, please visit Monochromia for a new black and white photo by a different photographer every day of the week!


70 thoughts on “ABFriday Week 9- Any Minute Now!

  1. Great work Emilio this is an awesome image. It looks like if you stuffed a bunch of kids all the way in the back of that bus it would be good for wheelstands 🙂


  2. I can’t tell the difference. You shoulda put and before and after. 🙂
    It’s an absolutely terrific shot, Emilio – and does indeed look exactly like a model ! So sad. People just turned their backs and walked away … But I know it happens in many, many countries. Here, too.


  3. Well, I guess if you can’t tell the difference then you can’t get on my case for over-processing! And as for labeling them, the first one is titled “After” right underneath the photo, the second is titled “Before”!


  4. Great shot and work Emilio. Definitely, even the original (before) version looks like a set or model; it surely must be the angle and the distance. The edition helps a lot to increase the illusion. Congrats!


  5. Even after you tell us that the original is a model set, it seems like it is. But the “After” version has the look of something real. ANd a really unusual find. Thanks for stepping us through the process. Very interesting image. I can see how most folks would not give the scene a second look, but you saw something there and captured it.


  6. Great photo! I liked reading through your process, and wish I had the eye to edit like that. Really, I thought the before looked good and I wouldn’t have thought to change it. (Though I do like the ‘brightness’ the edited one has.)

    I guess this is why I focus on writing, haha! (Sad… I focus on writing and I couldn’t craft a more coherent comment…)


    1. Janna, your comment is very coherent! Thank you! Now, did you say you were ready for a new photo? Or are you working on something? (Well, I know you’re always working on something. I meant, do you have the time and inclination? Let me know.)


  7. Hi, Emilio! Fascinating shot – and great “catch” by your wife about the “set” look of the photo 🙂 Like others have said, so often people pass by a site such as this without a second thought, but your creative eye caught the mystery of the scene, and your edits added to the creativity. Thanks for sharing the images of your post-processing efforts. I know it’s a lot of work, but it really is nice to be able to compare. And, as always, thanks for participating in ABFriday!


  8. Amazing capture! The vintage vehicles and old buildings against the rugged mountain created a perfect vintage, nostalgic effect that reminds us of simple days and unforgettable past.


    1. This is Nelson, NV, one of my favorite places to take photos. The proprietors are always adding to it with new finds of old buildings, rusted cars and signs. I don’t know where they get the money to transport what they find. But I’m glad they do!


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