First Widow Winter – Special Offer

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This is a first for me but I thought the emotion behind the offer was well worth it!

My Digital Eye Queue

First Widow Winter

This is a very special post.  From now, through 8/31/14, any widow or widower who requests it via E-mail, may have the above print.

You don’t have to prove it, I trust you.  If you wish to make a PayPal donation to cover printing and mailing costs, inquire in your E-mail.  If you don’t or cannot, the offer still stands.

If you feel lost, confused, alone, angry or sad – I am here to tell you that it does…lessen.  This is my contribution to those in this position.

The only loss greater than a spouse, is that of a child.  It matters not how many years; that bond was established, legally or otherwise.

Those of you that follow this blog, if it is not applicable to you, I ask that you re-blog please.  I’d like to give back, especially to those just starting on this painful and long journey.


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