Deja Vu All Over Again!

Prompts and Challenges

Drink 2

So I invited my blogging buddy West to take this image and put her post-processing spin on it. Her response? “I’d absolutelyLOOOOVE to!!! LOL~ I ALWAYS have time for art~ always!!! 🙂  Just like a giddy school girl! Maybe because that’s what she used to be, a giddy school girl! Or maybe because she was drinking. I’m not sure. But I love what she did with it. Hope you do, too. Here is the result, along with her comments!


 I made just a few changes before I  began~ the first was to get rid of the car/people and misc. items behind the sign 🙂 I just “carried” the gravel over to create a more sparse backdrop. 
Second– I had to add some “sky” …just a little in the upper right corner of your picture~ And since you did a distressed print perfectly, I thought I’d do something different- a little less Levi’s 501 and a little more along the lines of, “yea, I’m in the desert and who needs boots, I have stilettos…” (LOL) Seriously though I just wanted to set the Coca-Cola red on fire and give the rusty rim a 2nd degree sunburn 🙂
Lastly – and I hope you don’t mind~ I updated your watermark… If you hate it I will not be offended in the least, but I couldn’t help it – force of habit and all… I’m a graphics designer and web consultant 🙂
Let me know what you think~ and thank you again so much for asking me to re-spin your already terrific pic 🙂
I love what West did with it. Hope you do, too! For more of her work, visit The World We Know!




29 thoughts on “Deja Vu All Over Again!

  1. Great post processing can only be accomplished if the original is also great – and both are! There is also something fabulous about faded and ripped 501’s worn with bright red stilettos. Bravo to all.


  2. The two photos are quite different. My preference would still be the first one. I like the blood red and bullet holes, however I really liked the modified watermark with the stylized E. Nice!


  3. I like them both, but in completely different ways. Your original has more of a feel of the (old) West to it while hers is the newer, brighter look. I enjoyed seeing them both.



  4. I like the first one better. In the second one I like that you removed people and cars, but the colours in the first shot are easier on my eyes. Hope you are not mad with me 😀


    1. Paula, I would be a hypocrite to be mad at you. I’ve said somewhere in this blog that I want comments both good and bad. My wife is constantly telling me I’ve gone too far or she doesn’t like a particular edit. Do I get mad at her? OK, sometimes. But that’s not the point!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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