ABFriday Week 7- Brothers

Gallery, Prompts and Challenges

Moonlight Beach, Encinitas CA, June 14, 2014


I was sitting on damp sand, my camera mounted on the tripod, just waiting for the sun to set when these two kids wandered into my line of sight. What could I do but shoot a few shots? No, I did not get a release from their parents. Prove they’re your kids and we’ll talk! 🙂


Brothers- After


Brothers Before

I process everything in Lightroom 5. I love it! The image above is straight from the camera. My first steps (below) are always to bring down the highlights, open the shadows, then adjust the white and black clipping. I then straightened it (using the horizon line as a gauge) and cropped. Then I adjusted the white balance to Shade- which adds a yellow hue:


Next I added a slight magenta tint, boosted clarity, and used a graduated filter on the sky to add contrast, highlights, clarity, and adjusted the color temperature (the blue). And finally, I lowered the overall exposure and added a vignette. Hope you enjoy!


For more ABFriday, please visit Stacy at Visual Venturing. “Because everyone likes pictures.”




38 thoughts on “ABFriday Week 7- Brothers

  1. Emilio – I enjoyed your sharing of the artistic process here – I find the changes in each pic to be so subtle at first – where you can almost miss them – but then the differences settle in – and they are great.
    also, what a fun subject to keep looking at – the water! ah. so nice –

    and you are the digital master of photo effects – yes you are – and I will be back later with one more comment before my summer hiatus. 🙂


    1. Sometimes I like a bit of over the top. But I am starting to lean towards more subtle. I think. I want people to look at an image of mine and actually wonder if any processing was done. I think that’s possible but only time will tell! Thank you for all your supportive comments.

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      1. well just wanted to add that after reading that comment it reminds me to how artists “evolve” and change and grow – and I think with photography – some of the artsy ones have to go through phases because it is a huge part of their development with their medium – does that make sense? and I also do not think that all photographers are artists – but now I am rambling – ha! have a great summer – 🙂


  2. Nice result Emilio; definitely, a much tidier and vivid image after edition. You succeed in getting and highlighting all those textures, not only in the sky but in the water. God sent that couple of angels to reinforce the beauty of this, your image of His creation!


  3. Emilio, I love everything you chose to do with this photo. Your adjustments with the graduated filter in the sky are great, and I love that you added the magenta hue. Beautiful, magical photo that I continue to revisit. Even if a parent COULD identify those two boys, I don’t think they would mind having them in this wonderful image 🙂 Thanks for participating in the ABFriday Forum!


  4. I gotta give it to you here, EP – the end result is great !
    On the other hand, I reckon if you’d just straightened it it would’ve also been great. 🙂
    G’day, me old china …


  5. Nice edit, i was wondering have you ever tried using daylight for the light balance to bring out the other tones in the sunset, which may mean you wouldn’t have to add magenta at the end.


    1. I have not. I like the golden cast but sometimes it just comes out to yellow. So I add a bit of magenta. Because of my preferences, I might use the daylight, but then have to add a slight yellow. I’ll try, though. I’m always open!


  6. Oh, nice one! I was interested in your walk through of the process you used – it’s always fascinating to see how others approach their photography!


  7. I am conflicted about sharing. I like a bit of mystery. But then, I think that is what this hobby is really all about. Sharing. There is a professional photographer I met named Robert Sheer. His images are called Spirit Shadows and he loves talking about how he achieves his effects. If you’re interested, his site is http://www.sheerentertainment.com/.


  8. You see, I would never know when to stop ‘tinkering’, Emilio! I love the end result though.
    Off to inspect Monochromia. Sounds like a disease! Hope it’s not catching 🙂


  9. Fantastic perspective with the kids there. And it’s so interesting (and enlightening) to read your process and journey towards your final “after” image. Beautiful!


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