Monochromia Is Here!

Prompts and Challenges

I am very pleased to announce the premiere edition of Monochromia, the brainchild of Joe Giordano of The Visual Chronicle. I will be one of 7 contributors, each of us posting one day a week.  It will be a black and white only photo blog to which I have the distinction of being the first contributor by dint of a random drawing of names from a hat! If black and white photography is one of your passions, I hope we do not disappoint. If you do not particularly care for black and white photography, please give us at least a week for one of us to hopefully change your mind. The odds should be with us! Please do not hesitate. Click here for the first ever edition, issue, post of the new blog

For Lovers Of Black And White.



8 thoughts on “Monochromia Is Here!

      1. So far I think it is a great group of photographers that are posting. Kind of wish I could contribute as well but it’s also just fine to be a viewer. As I’m following a lot of blogs it’s hard to keep up so what I’ve done is narrowed the list of a couple hundred or so down to about 30 something that I have bookmarked and actually go to them directly each day as I have time as I don’t like to view the Reader. It is on that list at least so I check it almost on a daily basis. 🙂


  1. “But with every choice you make; the type of lens, the use of filters, the aperture, or the setting of the camera, aren’t you manipulating the image ” ….. I never saw it that way but indeed you are right


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