Silent Sunday

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33 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    1. Thank you! Hoover Dam, about 30- 45 minutes SE of Las Vegas! I took a ride out there last night specifically for the challenge. Could barely get out of the car. It was 7:30 at night and still over 100 degrees!


  1. Wow, nice shot! I thought that was Hoover Dam, but wasn’t sure as it has been so many years since I was last there. I still can’t figure out though where you were to get that angle. I can’t remember if there is an overlook on that side of the dam.


    1. There is a very small overlook. The driver (me, in this case) has to be very careful getting out of the car as there is only about a foot between you and any oncoming traffic.


  2. The first time I saw those leaning power towers I nearly had a coronary. They are so odd to see. In fact that entire drive through there is interesting. Great photo Emilio!


    1. They do look very strange, Like they’re about to tumble over. There are hundreds of towers right there on the surrounding hillsides as this is Hoover Dam. So why do you need these overhanging the dam itself?


  3. Great shot of the Hoover Dam. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it. (We went several years ago because my older son wanted to go to Vegas for his birthday. He was nine, so I don’t know! My husband had free rooms so we figured ‘why not?’) Every time I see Hoover Dam though, I can’t help but think of Chevy Chase and the Vacation movie 🙂


    1. Thank you, Terri. Never thought about that. It was tranquil probably only because it was over 100 degrees and every one was staying inside where they could enjoy the air conditioning!


  4. Such a fantastic shot, Emilio! So full of wonderful detail so clearly captured. And love the tone and colors. The image just conveys the essence of the Dam. Be careful out there – amazing what we photographers will do for our photos 😉


    1. I am not the adventurous type. Well, maybe I should rephrase that since, to me, every day is an adventure. I am not the daredevil type. One might even call me wimpy- though not to my face, I hope. But I actually wanted to lean over the dam and shoot down those curving walls. You can’t get close enough, though. Interesting side point- when you drive the road to the dam, there is a security check point where you must stop for an inspection. I think this began shortly after 9-11.


      1. Interesting about the checkpoint, Emilio, and I guess it does make sense, sadly. By the way, I noticed as I opened your comment that the follow button said “follow” and not “following.” Didn’t this happen once before for me with your blog? Don’t know what’s up with WP, but I’m hitting the follow button again – didn’t want you to be confused 🙂


        1. I don’t remember that happening before but I don’t pay much attention to those stats. I do know I’ve gained a few people and lost a few. What’s more important to me are comments. I like that “contact”. I like a “like” as much as the next person. But where’s the personal touch? Oh, and don’t worry about me being confused. That’s my natural state! One I’m learning to enjoy! 🙂


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