Black & White Sunday- Half Dome

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Black & White Sunday- Half Dome

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38 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday- Half Dome

  1. Wowee, Emilio ! – that’s a ripper !!! It almost looks like the other side of Devil’s Mountain – if that’s the one that was in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” …? I don’t mind what you did to it, because the mountain face takes ALL one’s attention. Bravo !


  2. You honour me with this entry πŸ™‚ There is nothing that takes my breath away as a majestic mountain and this photo is just great. Thank you, Emilio!


  3. I was certainly never a skilled enough climber to have attempted it but imagine scaling that front side. A stunning shot Emilio at which I want to keep gazing.


      1. Haha, you’ve got that right! We go camping several times a year in Oak Creek Canyon, outside of the town itself. With the second wildfire of the season going on there right now, I expect we’ll not be going this year


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