Down The Road


JannaTWrites is the title of her blog. And boy does she write. She took one of my photos (it was offered, she accepted) and made art. I want you to click the link below and go visit her post. Read her story and I guarantee you’ll be asking her for more. Here’s the photo:


Believe me, you don’t have an inkling of what she came up with. If you don’t go over there now you will never appreciate the genius that is Janna T. No, she didn’t ask me to say that. But I’m sure she’ll pay me for it!

Are you still here? Go, go I say!

Down The Road Fiction | JannaTWrites.


38 thoughts on “Down The Road

  1. Oh wow, thanks for the kind words, Emilio! (I’ve only been called a genius in a sarcastic way, so I feel like I SHOULD pay you 🙂 ) I enjoyed writing the story for your photo – great idea you had there.


  2. What a fantastic photo. I’m off to read the story now. I can see how it inspired someone to write – it’s a classic image.


  3. okay Mr. Digital Wizard Emilio – I enjoyed the story to go with your down the road photo – so nice. The story’s twist seemed a little sad – but you are right – she is a great writer and this was a clever team up. have a good weekend 🙂


    1. Thanks. When I saw the original, straight from the camera, I couldn’t believe my luck, The original had very little blue, though. It was more grayed out.I didn’t add blue, though, just got rid of a lot of the golden yellow hue.


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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