Black And White Sunday- Mystery

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I could find no quotation to work with this photo that would also link to Paula’s theme. But I do love Henry Ward Beecher’s last words:

“Now comes the mystery!”

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49 thoughts on “Black And White Sunday- Mystery

        1. Oh, yes, there’s always drama there. We were on family excursion and two of the older boys were horsing around. One got hurt and almost fainted from the pain. There was a para-medic who happened to be with his family. He came over to help.


    1. Nelson NV is a strange place. Once a mine of some sort, the owners now run tours of the place and have been active in procuring all kinds of old buildings and vehicles, and signs from all over the state, transporting them here, and constructing their own “ghost” town. They also charge photographers who do family shoots there (crowded whenever I go) but they don’t charge people who come to take photos of the place. The original building houses a store downstairs where they sell water and snacks. They live upstairs.


      1. Sounds very entrepreneurial of them. That’s good that they don’t charge for taking photos of the place. Appreciate the explanation. Again a brilliant shot. I have photo envy. 🙂


        1. And I have travel envy. I want to be like you guys. The good thing is that my wife wants that, too. We plan on taking off once we are no longer needed here. Right now there are just too many family obligations, though.


          1. Emilio my husband and I didn’t start traveling until about ten years ago. It was something we both wanted but we had kids at home and those obligations of course were our priority. I hope that you and your wife will get to have many wonderful trips together. Meanwhile we can swap envy 🙂


            1. That’s a great thought! Where do you live, Debbie? And do you have any extra room? Just for a day or two. Maybe a week or to, but definitely no longer than a month. Or two!


  1. What a great place and a fantastic photo Emilio! There sure is a bit of mystery there. The buildings look great and the dramatic sky is really cool! Very nicely done!


    1. Thanks, Elina. I was taking family photos that dreary, overcast day when the skies just opened up and the sun came through. I walked away from my family and started taking photos of the buildings. My family understands me, luckily!


  2. Fantastic photo Emilio. No quote needed, it stands on its own. You have captured a stillness and emptiness, despite the tourist crowds you mention in the comments. That’s a skill!


    1. My skill is that I really don’t like people! 🙂 I try to avoid them in my photos as much as possible. Which is a funny statement for me to make as I am contemplating playing around with some street photography soon.


    1. If anything this was right AFTER the tornado. Except there was no tornado, no winds, no rain all day. Just a gray dreariness that the sun was finally able to break through just before setting.


  3. Great shot, Emilio, and full of mystery and foreboding! I think I remember you saying something to me once about not being a good photographer. If you did, it was a lie and a shocking one at that!



    1. I don’t tell lies! Well maybe only little white ones. Sometimes. But how else was I supposed to get people to comment and follow me? 🙂 Seriously, though, I’ve been reading a lot, looking at a lot of blogs (we won’t name names) and experimenting with Lightroom. There’s so much you can get from the internet. Oh, yeah, and youtube tutorials. My favorites are Serge Ramelli and Mike Browne. So thank you for the compliment. I should be offended that you think I would lie. But as I said, only little white ones. Like when I told my then wife to be…, oh, well, never mind….


  4. very dramatic – have you used HDR toning on this image? Just curious that’s all. The processing is very effective.


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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