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A Dark And Stormy Night

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After-Before Friday (Week 6) is a forum run by Stacy Fisher which “provides an opportunity for photographers (amateur and seasoned, alike) to share their photos, and if they wish, their post-processing decisions. The goal is to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at others’ work while picking up helpful ideas along the way that each of us can use as we work with our own photos.”

A Dark And Stormy Night was actually an overcast but warm afternoon in Encinitas, California. My wife and I were driving around a neighborhood two blocks up from the beach when we came upon this sight. The “boats” have never been to sea but were built in the late 1920’s using timber salvaged from a local bathhouse and a hotel. The Preservation Association purchased the houses in 2008 and currently rent both out as private dwellings.

All post processing was accomplished through Lightroom 5.4 only. This was probably the most intensive post processing I have ever done with any of my images and to explain the steps would probably be boring. But if you have any specific questions, please ask in the comments and I will gladly respond.

I am very pleased to announce that on Tuesday, July 1, Joe Giordano of The Visual Chronicle will be  launching a new blog to which I will be one of 7 contributors- each of us posting once a week.  It will be a black and white only photo blog titled Monochromia. I have the distinction of being the premier contributor by dint of a random drawing of names from a hat! If black and white photography is one of your passions, I hope we do not disappoint. If you do not particularly care for black and white photography, please at least give us one week to hopefully change your mind.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

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Why this image? I know it’s not the most exciting. My wife even said “It’s OK, I just feel like I’ve seen it before!” But for me it was a breakthrough, of sorts. We were in Encinitas for a few days for my niece’s high school graduation. I decided to take the day off from family and explore. This was not the ideal spot to take photos- no interesting foreground, no pier- but you work with what you’ve got. So I parked myself there and set up the tripod and camera. I waited almost two hours for the sunset. That’s when I noticed the fog bank across the horizon. When the sun first dipped behind it, there was nothing to see. I almost packed everything up and left. But I remembered one of the many blog posts I read stating you never know what the weather will do. So I sat some more. And waited. And at the last minute, the setting sun peeked through the fog, and as quickly disappeared below the horizon. The epiphany?

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”– (attributed to both sportscaster Dan Cook and sports journalist Ralph Carpenter)

Oh, and the challenge for this week? Well, we’re between day and night in this shot. (I know, It’s a stretch!)

Down The Road


JannaTWrites is the title of her blog. And boy does she write. She took one of my photos (it was offered, she accepted) and made art. I want you to click the link below and go visit her post. Read her story and I guarantee you’ll be asking her for more. Here’s the photo:


Believe me, you don’t have an inkling of what she came up with. If you don’t go over there now you will never appreciate the genius that is Janna T. No, she didn’t ask me to say that. But I’m sure she’ll pay me for it!

Are you still here? Go, go I say!

Down The Road Fiction | JannaTWrites.