Semi-Silent Sunday

Gallery, Prompts and Challenges

La Caille Restaurant, Sandy UT

Upscale restaurant and event venue serving French-Belgian fare in an elegant, château-style setting.



30 thoughts on “Semi-Silent Sunday

  1. Dunno that you actually needed the qualifying phrase, Emilio. 😉
    Whatta place ! One can only hope the food is as good as the place … But “La Caille” sounds to me as if it’s game and nouvelle cuisine …
    Well, I’d bloody photograph it, too !

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    1. You made me look up the menu online with your comment and it seems to be varied; fish to fowl to forest to plains. What I find intriguing, besides the sauteed escargot, venison carpaccio, and caviar osetra with quail egg, is that the children’s menu features pan seared Utah trout and tenderloin of beef. Whatever happened to macaroni and cheese and hot dogs?


      1. Yup. Nouvelle cuisine alright. Not my cup of tea. In fact, it infuriates me to such a degree that it was briefly mentioned in my book! [grin]


    1. It’s not a place you’d trip over. My wife knew about it and took me there. It was during the day so the grounds were open but nobody was around. What amazed me is that the restaurant was totally unlocked so we went inside and wandered around, too. I(‘d love to go back sometime. Maybe even try the food.)


    1. It definitely is eclectic. See above for some of the menu items. I was not able to check out the wine list but dinner for two without drinks might run you cheaply around $100. That is being frugal. One main course dish each. Otherwise the sky might be the limit. Appetizers, first course, main course, drinks, desert…?

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    1. Same here. I much prefer older, weather-beaten deserted wooden structures with peeling paint. But I had to set aside my reverse snobbery and pretend to have a bit of class- even though the place was deserted.

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    1. The downstairs has been converted into a restaurant- or maybe it was built that way.Maybe there are rooms upstairs, I don’t know. But it is beautiful. This is actually the back of the place.


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