Welcome To Walnut

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We drove less than 250 miles on our first day. The reunion had been our final good-bye to a loved one. It was difficult to leave family and friends we hadn’t seen in years. But now we were on our way back home.

Day two started out uneventfully. A free continental breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express that only made us more hungry and craving a real cup of coffee. Why could I not see the danger that lie ahead? Exit 46 off the interstate was 505th Street in Walnut Iowa. Also known as Antique City Drive. Walnut boasted 900 people, 5 motels, 8 restaurants (7 if you don’t count the MacDonald’s), an Amoco gas station, a funeral home, a Kum & Go (no idea), and 15 antique stores down the main road. That was the danger, of course. Antique stores. It was Lynn’s idea to stretch our legs after our lunch at The Villager Restaurant. We poked around in a few smaller stores at first, then, at the end of the street she hit pay dirt. From their website: Welcome to the Granary Mall. The largest of Walnut’s multi-dealer shops, The Granary Antique mall offers the wares of 100 quality antique dealers from seven states. The range of antiques and collectible goods, which fill the two floors, is as extensive as the distance covered by their dealers.

Four hours later we finally got back in the car.

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29 thoughts on “Welcome To Walnut

    1. Why a sap? Because I want to keep my wife happy? Even at the cost of being bored out of my mind? She shopped and I took as many photos as I could of the area. She was done in 4 hours. I was done in twenty minutes! But she was happy!


      1. I am giggling as I write this. Luck is so much a part of what we do and sometimes when we get into those “uncomfortable spots” we happen to produce the most amazing creations. Tee hee….. Here it is raining and later I plan on seeing if I can get some amazing rain shots. We’ll see. Have a great day, Emilio! Love, Amy


              1. Hmmm……Odd. Come to think of it I just say Her. It “feels” feminine in my hands. And the way She captures mystic in Nature is just so magical. Hmmm….Now I really am thinking about this. LOL


  1. I had to laugh at myself Emilio. I read : Welcome to Walmart. LOL! Been in front of the pc for too long today. hahahaha
    Excellent shot as usual and sounds like you had an enjoyable day. I love antique stores and never go in there with any money. 😀


    1. You’re wrong. The only time it was halfway enjoyable was when I found a stack of old Playboy magazines. I wanted to study them purely from a sociological perspective but my wife would have nothing of it. Neither would the proprietor, who had encased them in mylar sleeves.


      1. Whahahahahha! Now that is just no cool of them at all Emilio! Yes, nothing wrong with studying them from that point of view. 😛

        Pffffttt! Some people just know how to spoil the fun. 😆


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