Maundy Thursday’s Special: The Last Supper

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Maundy Thursday is the Christian feast, or holy day, falling on the Thursday before Easter.

See my earlier post Ghost Rider for a brief description of this outdoor sculpture.

Visit Paula’s Lost In Translation for information on this no-challenge challenge. Unfortunately, Paula is currently under the weather so the challenge has been cancelled this week. Maundy Thursday has not been cancelled. So I m carrying the torch in Paula’s honor. Perhaps alone but defiant none the less!

No rules, either.


35 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday’s Special: The Last Supper

  1. I love the photo Emilio, it’s really awesome! That sculpture together with the slightly dramatic sky looks wonderful! What a great post and photo for this day!


        1. Alas, those are the only two by that particular sculptor. I will post whatever else I find after I get out their again. Don’t know how soon. It’s over two hours away (138 miles or roughly 225 kilometers).


  2. I am touched Emilio. This shot is really amazing and so befitting. You will make me come back sooner than I have hoped. Have a happy Easter. My best, Paula


  3. You weren’t alone, Emilio, but it’s a nice thought 🙂 I must go and look at your ghostly post. The sculpture looks amazing and must have quite a history.
    Happy Easter!


  4. Stunning shot as usual Emilio! Thanks for sharing this. I just love these virtual visits from all over the world as I don’t like travelling much. Gorgeous sculptures and you’ve captured them so well. 😀


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