Calm, Loyalty & Wealth

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Amargosa Hotel

Chinese Feng Shui gives blue a watery designation: calm, soothing and prosperous. The Bible often depicts the color blue as a heavenly color, and whether the color is a darker blue or a brighter blue doesn’t matter. Blue also denotes loyalty, and so anyone who paints their front door blue indicates a sense of calm, loyalty and wealth upon entering the home.

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This posting is indebted to The Legion Of Door Whores for a newfound appreciation of doors, and to Smiling Sally for her Blue Monday challenge each week.


28 thoughts on “Calm, Loyalty & Wealth

      1. Of course not. You must give your readers the benefit of the doubt re comprehension capacity.
        They probably get it but are simply not stating the obvious – like I tend to do, sometimes …


  1. Hello Emilio,

    Thanks for sharing this interesting blue door.

    I’m looking forward to reading your comment on my blue pig post. Please come back.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday and an excellent Easter celebration!


  2. That is one amazing shot. I like the words you added here too. Thanks for your blue share. I missed linking up but I still have my blues on my blog anyway. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks, Joshi. You can’t beat those walls. Summers here get to be 100+ every day so that paint doesn’t have to be old. I have no idea how often they paint but it looked pretty clean. Just peeling all over the place.


    1. There are only two basic colors in the photo, the whitewashed wall and the blue door. I thought of processing in black and white but what first attracted me was that blue so I had to leave it in color! Thank you for noticing!


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