Friday My Town Shoot Out

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Cement house picFriday My Town Shoot Out

Elgin is a ghost town located between Caliente and Carp NV. Originally a railroad town, it is now the home of a one-room schoolhouse, which had been in use from 1922 to 1967. The schoolhouse is now a museum with an apple orchard nearby and was declared a State Historic Site in 2005.

As of February 2013, the State Historic Site is permanently closed due to the damage to the only road leading to the site (SR 317), caused by flooding in 2005. We braved the pock marked road only because Lynn, my wife, was born in Elgin IL and obsessed about wanting to visit this site. I would have turned back several times if I was really in charge of the decision making in our family.

This is not a photo of the school house- which looked like it had been recently refurbished and newly painted bright red and white. We came across these two cinder block buildings on the side of the road and they may pre-date the schoolhouse- though I seriously doubt it. They might just as well be only a few years old. No way to know. Nor what their purpose was. A garage and two story storage facility? Sorry. I think I’ve failed miserably in this Shoot Out which was meant to show you the oldest building in my town. Inside and out, and give you the history.


33 thoughts on “Friday My Town Shoot Out

    1. I think there are now ways to actually make 3D photos but it takes crossing your eyes to view them without special glasses. Thanks for that compliment. But don’t cross your eyes when you look at my photo. Your eyes might freeze that way!


  1. WOT ? – we aren’t allowed to like your shots ? Were we once? I can’t remember squat. Sighh …
    But I love the pic.s, and I love your willingness to try and admit ‘failure’, and I love it that Lynn is still alive, after all ! [grin]


    1. Thanks! Just playing with your head. You can like my shots all you want. And yes, I disabled the likes because I thought a lot of people were liking from the reader and not really visiting, taking the time to maybe comment. But since my blog is mostly photos, I’m having second thoughts about it. The people who want to comment will take the time. Hopefully. Like you!


      1. One can only hope … I only comment when I actually have something to say over and above “Great shot!”. So it’s up to the blogger.
        Looks like you’re doing OK. [grin]


          1. Hmmm … and there are those who remove them with deliberation in order to force comments instead, or nuthin. I was thinking of that myself … and then I figured that there are so many people who follow the most incredible number of blogs that they don’t have time to comment.


            1. That’s been my problem, too. I want to make comments, to show support to people whose blogs I like, but I can never find enough time. I was going to try to cut back on posting but I enjoy it too much- even when no one likes or comments.


  2. I love this shot, it has the look of a painting. And the buildings look pretty old to me so I say they meet the criteria.


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