Beautiful Work


“Her beautiful work radiates happiness and joy….” 

Taryn Boyd is the owner of Blue Hippo Photography and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and their two boys. Blu Hippo Phtography has been in business since 2011. Taryn’s style focuses on the emotions of childhood using only natural light. You can read the complete interview she gave recently to Rock The Shot on their blog. Please visit both her website to see examples of her work, and also visit Rock The Shot for the complete interview. Ms. Boyd has allowed me to reprint an excerpt of that interview which resonates with me and might to some of you reading this:

What is a good lesson you have learned this year in photography or in your business? Since this year had only just begun I am going to say what I am currently working on and I hope I can say I learned by 2015. I am trying to back away from the “noise” on social media. I get hung up on the numbers. “Why didn’t I get more likes on this photo? What did I do wrong? Is it not good or something?” You get the idea. I need to concentrate more on the people who have taken the time to “like” my photo, comment on it and continue to be my cheerleaders. I know in my heart that as an artist there are going to be people who love your work and those that don’t and I need to be okay with that.

If you could encourage a new photographer in one area, what would it be? Take your time getting into the business. I see so many photographers popping up everywhere and that’s great. But to go into business is a completely different thing. It isn’t all sunshine and lollipops. Make sure you’ve done your research and know that it is okay to be a hobbyist.


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Work

  1. “I get hung up on the numbers. “Why didn’t I get more likes on this {post}? What did I do wrong? Is it not good or something?” You get the idea. I need to concentrate more on the people who have taken the time to “like” my photo {and} comment on it and continue to be my cheerleaders.”
    So relevant ! Yes, her photos are lovely, no doubt about it. But all you photog.s fall into different categories, and can rate at the top of whatever is yours. It’s not that any one of you is better than the others …


    1. Wow. MR you’re an angel! Thank you. I never thought of it like that! It is drummed into us to be the best. But we forget the second part. Be the best THAT YOU CAN BE! Or is that the Marines’ slogan?


    1. Both are relevant to me. I have been questioning how to reach a balance between posting and commenting, as well as wanting to present myself as a business entity. I think I came to both decisions just days before reading Taryn’s interview. I have to set my ego aside (not all the way) and stop saying “look what I’ve done”. Pay more attention to what other’s have done and learn from them. Also, I am not a business. I have never sold a single print. I’ve given several away for free. But I’m not even sure the recipients appreciated my gift.


      1. no, not all the way… 🙂 Passions and interests for photography, nature, people… can drive us to do a better job. So many people are into photography, maybe that why they are not buying.


  2. These are questions we all struggle with. I’m glad you asked them. Taryn Boyd answered them well. I wonder, at time, if my writing or my photographs are what the public is looking for. The fact is no artist knows what the public if looking for.
    Having been a silversmith jewelry artist for 28 years you’d think that I would know that. It was always a roller coaster of sales. I was good at it and successful but never secure.
    It’s the beauty of the BEAST of the artist. The romance of it is more in our imagination than in the creation.
    Keep on keeping on for YOU !!!!


"I take anything other than 'you big pig!' as a compliment." ~ Albert Brooks

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