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Desert Road

Lost somewhere in Death Valley. Running low on gas. No water. No food. My stomach’s growling. I wonder if it’s true that members of the Donner party ended up eating each other when things got rough. Lynn’s looking awfully good right about now.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | The Daily Post.

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Weekend Reflections.


64 thoughts on “Reflections

        1. I feel like I’m posting so often that I don’t get time to comment on others who are kind enough to comment and “like” my work. How do you manage to do both? Post and comment?


    1. This shot happened by accident. My wife was driving so I could look for photo opportunities. She noticed the clouds behind us and commented and instead of turning around, I looked in the side view mirror then grabbed thsi shot.


  1. Nice interpretation of the Reflections theme! It took me a bit to figure out how you did it. But, then, I’m a bit slow. 🙂

    Good humor, too. And, yes, the Donner Party did wind up eating each other, but only after they died. I’d stuff myself on snow before I’d start eating human flesh. Yuck.

    As for me, I just happened to take a bunch of reflection photos Thursday (what a coincidence that it would the this week’s theme!) and you’re welcome to come and see what my take on the challenge is.


      1. Well, I don’t know what eating meat has to do with anything, but then, I’m probably missing somethng. It comes with age. 🙂

        But as long as we’re being off-topic 🙂 the radiation from Fukushima, which continues to pour out, in spite of our govt’s ignoring it, and the media not reporting it, continues polluting everything on earth, not just the waters, but including the ground that grows all our veggies and fruits.

        Did you know that those antiquated nuclear reactors that blew in Japan were made by General Electric and that there are quite a few of the same type of reactors operating in the US? Let’s hope we don’t get any earthquakes the size of Fukushima’s.

        To get true US news, tune into European outlets. 🙂

        Cheers! And thanks for stopping over. I hope you found it pleasurable.


        1. I am not surprised the reactors were built by GE. But are any reactors really safe? Big business is only concerned with big business, no matter what their advertising catch phrases might say. Don;t get me started.


          1. Hahaha—I think we’re on the same page, there. I hear reports on alternate news sources where certain reactors in US have leaked radiation into the air, but you never hear of it in the corp-controlled media for some reason. Oh, wait, doesn’t GE own a lot of those news outlets?


  2. I like the composition : zooming on the car mirror was really a good idea : the sky looks lost in the mountains…


  3. This was hysterical!!! well not the photo – that was amazing – love the play on the clouds and the mountains – and then the reflection on the car – cool- but your description was so funny. also – I recall watching a documentary about some people who almost died going through death valley – their GPS took them to a wrong location and they were out of gas and thankfully they were rescued – but the show noted the dangers of this area and well, reading you were low on gas meant more because I just saw that show.


    1. The temperature that day was just in the 60’s so not dangerous at all, really. But the first time we headed out there it was closer to the hundreds. Not as desolate as it might seem, though. So many tourists!


      1. Thanks for the reply – and I realized another thing I like about the photo – your mirror is so clear – looks like a brand new car – the few I have taken this way seem to show some dirt – lol –


  4. So much easier to take photos when you’re not driving, isn’t it? 🙂 I like the contrast of the colors in the background and the whites and greys in the mirror. I hope you found lunch and Lynn’s still with us!



    1. Thank you. I uploaded it. But glad to say that Lynn survived to see another day! Don’t really know what I’d do without her! Of course, when I get hungry, my stomach has no conscience!


  5. No, Lynn eats very little and does not get hungry easily. We will be investigating her metabolism soon. She will eat an apple and some nuts for breakfast and will not be hungry for dinner until very late. Me? I eat a large breakfast and am hungry for lunch in two hours! And if I don;t finish dinner, that becomes my breakfast the next morning.


    1. Lindy, We actually did find a place to stop for lunch and were told that tourists, especially the Japanese, prefer to visit in the middle of summer. I guess for bragging rights- that they actually survived 115+ temperatures!


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