Sunday Stills: Black and White Barn

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Somewhere in Utah, just off highway 15 near a town called American Fork.  The barn, and some of the surrounding land, I’m sure, is for sale if anyone is interested.


Sunday Stills


30 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Black and White Barn

  1. Terrific natural setting. Question: how much did you lower the gamma? – and was it so as to achieve a more … dunno: maybe ‘threatening’ kind of look?


    1. Whatever makes you think I’d stoop so low to manipulate my photos? You must have me confused with someone else. Someone who actually knows what they’re doing? I might have played with the sky a little, but only to bring out the clouds. Never to threaten!


          1. It’s that this predilection for post production on stills is driving me bonkers. Even the professionals choose to whack up the contrast and whack down the gamma, and there you are with yet another dark, dark image. Buggered if I know why.


  2. really great shot – not sure if I like the vertical boards on the middle of the house more than the clouds – but the whole feel is perfect for a Sunday Still – so rich. ~y.


    1. Thanks. The barn had a “for sale” sign on it. You could probably buy the vertical boards. I wonder how much the barn cost? I’m sure the wood could be re-sourced! Maybe build a home in the woods somewhere.


      1. wow – that is interesting that is was for sale.
        and you know, the main reason I liked the boards was the way they worked in the picture -the feel of the lines – and how that and the roof seem to make a large arrow that is pointing up…..

        and speaking of refurbishing materials – I think it is so cool how some folks do this – we were at a pig roast in SC one year – (have only been to a very few pig roasts in my lifetime) – and the house that was hosting the party had all reclaimed wood floors from a mansion that was being torn down. Gorgeous floors – and green. However, with that said, I do like few antiques – but for my living quarters, well I prefer new supplies for a house – or “newer” – haha – what about you?



  3. Spanish Fork is only about 25 miles north of American Fork. I’ve never really explored either town but I think the most unique and interesting things about both are their names. And this barn!


  4. The more I look, the more I see….but then that’s the way it is supposed to be, isn’t it? 🙂
    Powerful, I would say – even dramatic, and I really like the composition.


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