Skywatch Friday- Oatman

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OatmanpicSkywatch Friday

 Just across the Colorado River and up the hill from Laughlin, Nevada is the historic town of Oatman, Arizona, a ghost town, that once boasted almost 4,000 people and now supports just a little over 100 people year-round.

Oatman provides not only a number of historic buildings and photograph opportunities, but the sights of burros walking the streets, as well as costumed gunfighters and 1890s style ladies strolling.

In its heyday, from the early 1900s to the 1940s, Oatman and the nearby town of Gold Road were the largest producers of gold in Arizona.

The Drulin Hotel was built in 1902, which did a brisk business to the area miners. This old hotel, now called the Oatman Hotel, is still in operation today.


17 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday- Oatman

        1. Well, then don’t come to the West. You’d be constantly disturbed. Abandoned townships, abandoned homes now rotting in the harsh weather conditions, water restrictions, wild fires. Wait, why am I living here?


  1. Nice photo- like the contrast of the weathered sign against the clear blue alive sky!

    Btw. Orange Lake is in North Central Florida- named for the orange groves that were planted in the late 1870’s. florida has warm /cold winters with freezes/ warming then freezes that killed a majority of them.


  2. old signs say soooo much – and this one with the peeled paint really shows some age. I like how the peeled paint subtly works with the stucco on the building and I like how the metal rod holding the sign is in horizontal balance with the telephone wires. and the colors in the sign (like the maroon around the 1902) well it works wight he bricks and arches – and it all works so well with your leaving in the right amount of sky. enjoyed this picture very much – and your details about this old gold town….


  3. I wish I could write like you, pay attention to detail and express what you see. I just know when I like something and I would be hard pressed to say why. So, please, anytime you want to comment on my photos, good or bad, please do.


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