Sonel’s Corner Photo Editing Challenge- Royals

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“I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh
I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
And I’m not proud of my address,
In a torn-up town, no postcode envy.”
Lorde “Royals”

Sonel's Corner Photo Editing Challenge- Royals


(Original straight from camera)

With I color corrected, cropped, went to 50% black & white, added a vignette, then added Yester-Color. I like PicMonkey but it is pretty slow and compresses the edit when saving!

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30 thoughts on “Sonel’s Corner Photo Editing Challenge- Royals

  1. I like each one for slightly different reasons. The original’s color reminds me of spring and of possibilities. The edited one reminds me of many parts of New Mexico in the heat of late summer. Everything is faded, tired. Either way I love the subject matter.


  2. Great shot Emilio and what a lovely song! I’ve never heard it before and had to go and listen to it on Youtube. Love it! 😀
    Great editing done as well on this beautiful scene. Thanks for taking part and for sharing. 😀


    1. I really appreciate when people tell me what they think rather than what they think I want to hear. Thank you. I didn’t even look at it in sepia once I tried this effect. And I liked the pink clouds (it’s not your screen)! But tonight when I get home you can be sure I’ll look at it in sepia tones.


        1. All those songs and you can’t think of anything? How about “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” with a photo of Disneyland or Disneyworld? But I get that way sometime’s, too. You can’t enter every challenge you read!


          1. It is weird how I have trouble equating music with a visual, the two seem to work well together, but I have trouble putting it together on my own. You are right that you can’t enter every challenge, I do enjoy them though, as they tend to open up new ways of thinking for me.


  3. well that part of the song goes perfect with that picture! I may just think of this photo when that song comes on (which thankfully has waned much!! because it used to be overplayed here too – lol) but the song will always remind me of my young nieces – and when they were singing it so sweetly when I was visiting with them last Nov. (whew – what harmony in that song – and even if overplayed – I am glad it won awards!).
    anyhoo – with the photo I could not really see much of the pink at all – but it could be the narrow view I have in my reader right now – and my favorite part was the blurred edging of color that frames the sky- it looks like a painting or photo looks when it has been removed from its frame – and that line is there from where the frame used to be…
    and so that made it feel like an old photo. 🙂 ~y.


  4. I think my favorite part of your edit is the crop. I really like the colorized look though. The buildings and foreground do have that sepia look, but the sky and clouds with the the washed out color are cool. I like the slightly pinkish clouds and that touch of olive on the barn.


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