Skywatch Friday- Oatman

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OatmanpicSkywatch Friday

 Just across the Colorado River and up the hill from Laughlin, Nevada is the historic town of Oatman, Arizona, a ghost town, that once boasted almost 4,000 people and now supports just a little over 100 people year-round.

Oatman provides not only a number of historic buildings and photograph opportunities, but the sights of burros walking the streets, as well as costumed gunfighters and 1890s style ladies strolling.

In its heyday, from the early 1900s to the 1940s, Oatman and the nearby town of Gold Road were the largest producers of gold in Arizona.

The Drulin Hotel was built in 1902, which did a brisk business to the area miners. This old hotel, now called the Oatman Hotel, is still in operation today.


Cee’s B & W Challenge- Man Made Objects

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My cabin in the woods. Without the woods. And it’s not really mine, though I took the original photo and post processed in Lightroom.


Cees Black and White Challenge- Man Made Objects

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Tuesday’s A To Z Challenge: H is for Hamm’s

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Try to follow this. I edited it down to the basics from my source, Wikipedia.

Theodore Hamm Brewing Company was established in 1865 when Theodore Hamm, a German immigrant, inherited the Excelsior Brewery, and by the 1880s the Theo. Hamm Brewing Company was reckoned the second largest in Minnesota.

His son, William, and grandson, William Jr. inherited the operation in 1903. During Prohibition, the company survived by producing soft drinks and other food products, enabling it to expand rapidly through acquisitions after the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. In 1968 the company was acquired by Heublein, which sold it to Olympia Brewing Company. Pabst then purchased Olympia along with Hamm’s in 1983. Miller Brewing acquired the brand in 1999. Miller was later purchased by South African Breweries and the name changed to SABMiller. Subsequently, SABMiller formed a joint venture combining their US and Puerto Rican assets with those of MolsonCoors to form MillerCoors, the current owner and brewer of the Hamm’s Brand.[1] MillerCoors now produces three Hamm’s Beers, Premium, Golden Draft, and Special Light.[2]


“From the land of sky blue water’s comes the beer refreshing. Hamm’s, the beer refreshing”

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Weekend Reflections – Zzyzx Road

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Weekend Reflection

Just 100 miles southwest of Las Vegas NV is an exit called Zzyzx Road.

The made-up name Zzyzx was given to the area in 1944 by Curtis Howe Springer, claiming it to be the last word in the English language. He established the Zzyzx Mineral Springs and Health Spa in 1944 at the spot, which was federal land, after filing mining claims for 12,000 acres (49 km2) surrounding the springs. He used the springs to bottle his water and provide drinks for travelers through the hot desert. He used Zzyzx until 1974, when he was arrested by the United States Marshals for misuse of the land as well as alleged violations of food and drug laws, and the land was reclaimed by the government.

Since 1976, the Bureau of Land Management has allowed California State University to manage the land in and around Zzyzx. A consortium of CSU campuses use it as their Desert Studies Center.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2014 #4

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Which Way

We came upon these fire men in the middle of the afternoon climbing up and down stairs in an effort to keep in shape. There was no fire! There were three on the stairs and three more exercising in front of the firehouse, one doing push-ups, one with a huge exercise ball, and one jumping rope. The most interesting fact is that this firehouse was tucked in between what passes for skyscrapers in Las Vegas. City Center. We were on the elevated walkway behind Aria.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2014 #4 | Cee’s Photography.

Sonel’s Corner Photo Editing Challenge- Royals

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“I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh
I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
And I’m not proud of my address,
In a torn-up town, no postcode envy.”
Lorde “Royals”

Sonel's Corner Photo Editing Challenge- Royals


(Original straight from camera)

With I color corrected, cropped, went to 50% black & white, added a vignette, then added Yester-Color. I like PicMonkey but it is pretty slow and compresses the edit when saving!

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: 50 Years or Older

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I am not sure this building was 50 years or older. It is in Napa California and after a day of wine tasting with an old friend I’m not even sure which winery it was, let alone how old it might have been. But it looks the part so hopefully that counts!

Over 50Cee’s Black & White Challenge: 50 Years or Older | Cee’s Photography