Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found In Nature

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Found In Nature

Does someone have the same problem? I work on my photos in Lightroom until they are perfect. Then export them to publish on WordPress and they look flat, not so bright or not so much contrast. This shot above is a perfect example.

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36 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found In Nature

      1. I appreciate the cost factor. Its not insignificant. Another solution when printing is to brighten the photograph, you could try that, just go a little per on brightening and contrast. The advantage to calibration with a tool is that you can have confidence. its cheaper with a PC than a Mac. Your stuff is great its not overly flat so far as I can see, but its your taste, try contrast and brightness.


      1. I should be one of your favorites. My brother in law who has a professional photographer for decades told me never to delete my photos….you know what will be a gem you throw out.


  1. I have the same thing….I know it is because I save at a lower resolution so I don’t take up so much memory and they load faster. Plus different programs, monitors and computers will be different. I still think your photo is spectacular!!!


  2. I see nothing wrong with this photograph Emilio. You do however have the wordpress theme that creates that ‘misty’ fade and when you move the mouse over the photo, it shows the real photo. I think this was an excellent shot and edit. Great composition too and I love how the sepia creates a kind of gradient from the top to the middle by using the colour of the skies. This is one stunning photo indeed!


  3. I really like this photo Emilio… lovely atmosphere and great work with the tones! I don’t have that problem with Lightroom. But… I do notice when I edit photos on my desktop then they look a bit flat and not as vibrant on my laptop screen (and the other way round when I edit on laptop then on desktop screen they are a tiny bit too intense). I have no idea which screen shows more accurate colors and in the end I guess all blog readers have a bit different screens so it’s impossible (even when you calibrate) to get images to look the same on everyone’s screens. To me your photo looks great and vibrant. Although like Sonel said I need to move mouse over it to see the more vibrant version because of the theme.


    1. Thank you, Elina, for taking the time to explain to me. Both you and Sonel mentioned having to hover over the image to see it clearly. That is not something I see when I go under my name. So maybe it is time to change my theme. Thank you again.


  4. I think this shot looks great, very moody. But if you not happy with how they come out when you upload to WordPress, maybe you could upload them to something like Picasa/Google pics and then link to them instead of uploading? I’m not an expert in these things, but my thinking is, if the picture is hosted on somewhere designed to host pictures, wouldn’t it fare better than it would if hosted in a place designed to host words?


  5. Your photo looks good, like Victor Rakmil I calibrated my monitor with a Spyder 4 by Datacolour, it wasn’t really expensive compared to some photographic equipment but I did find a big difference in my images. But at the end of the day after working on an image I sometimes don’t like what I see even though others do. It is easy to find the smallest fault in our own work, keep the excellent images coming.


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