CBBH Photo Challenge: Street Art

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Marianne, who is somewhere East Of Malaga has a photo challenge that is announced at the beginning of each month and submissions are welcome until the end of that month.  This month her theme is Street Art. Since this is a 30 day challenge, I felt I needed to include more than my customary one photo. So I’ve included a slide show of about 15 or so shots of local street art- otherwise known as “graffitti”.  The images are sometimes- OK, mostly- over the top. But there is subtlety, also.  I hope you enjoy! All the images for this slide show were shot in the downtown arts area of Las Vegas. When I returned several months later, the original images were painted over for new.


17 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: Street Art

    1. Yes. Too bad I could not give presents of my photos to the artists. It looked like the walls were painted white by the owners, then new artists came in and repainted. they should leave them there for the tourists.


  1. I’m becoming quite a fan of street art, largely since joining in the weekly Monday Murals challenge. There is such talent on show, often with added humour or social comment. It is sad to see some go, but I do appreciate the freshness


  2. I had a friend who introduced me to graffiti. When he first introduced me to his special talent I frowned upon it as he was arrested for vandalism when he was 12 years old (the local public school was his canvas). I’m glad I have grown to appreciate art no matter where it appears!


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