A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Wind

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CA-58 W/Barstow-Bakersfield Hwy
September 11, 2013
250 mm 1/400 sec at f 5.6 ISO100

“A Forest of 21st Century” ~~ Marcos Ferreiro

To see more entries in this week’s challenge, please visit Sue at A Word In Your Ear.


27 thoughts on “A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Wind

  1. this is one of my favorite pictures from the entries I have seen so far (not that any one is comparing or rating them – lol) but this photo is REALLY special (to me) because of all that orange color – with so much value – and then with those THREE mountain peeks – that have slight dips.

    Then, it almost feels like a mist is in the air with the soft focus (or is this wind we see) – but here is the thing – as you soak up this photo – then the eye scrolls down front he mountains to all of those mills harvesting wind power – this has a profound effect that is hard to put in words – because the mills stand artsy in their own right, as they are scattered in the slightly horizontal (and wavy) line near the bottom of the pic – and then you can see the other row of mills – subtly up in the middle of the picture –

    and so this photo has a nice play on humans coexisting with nature – GREAT shot!


      1. Thanks – and I will definitely be checking out more of your photos – also, my older son’s favorite color is orange (right now that is) and I am linking him to this photo – take care


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