One Four Challenge – July Week 4

So, the first week of this current One Four Challenge Robyn G commented that what I needed were ducks. I told her that my skills were not up to adding ducks. Well, somehow we got to talking and came up with the brilliant plan of swapping photos, which then evolved into combining them. I’m not sure yet if that’s what Robyn finally ended up doing, combining them or not. But, because of my constant complaining, she suggested I forget trying to decipher Photoshop and just take her photo and edit it in Lightroom. She would never tell me what she had planned for my photo. But knowing her, I’m all excited to see. Anyway, this is what I came up with after a crash course on combining the two shots. I know, sort of anti-climatic. But you can’t learn Photoshop in a week or two. (I had to run this combo through Fotosketcher so that the obvious faults were not so obvious). Et, Voila!  My background with Robyn’s ducks. Her ducks are not quite in scale with my background but, hey, it’s my first Photoshop experiment. Pretend it’s your child’s first finger painting and gush over it. Then go hang it on the refrigerator. Please!

Week 4

Week 4 

So, please go visit Robyn’s Captivate Me to view the other submissions for this challenge. The first Sunday of each month starts it anew. You take one of your own photos and, each week, process it differently so that on the fourth week you end up with four different versions. Take a look at all the submissions and join in! 

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ABFriday – Week 55

So , I’m going to assume that, by now, you know what ABF stands for. OK, maybe I shouldn’t. ABF stands for After Before Friday wherein people like me bore people like you with how creative we are. Or how creative we think we are. Well, driving around during my lunch hour the other day I came across this trailer. I hope I don’t have to explain what made me stop suddenly and back up. Stacy says she didn’t see it at first.



No crazy story behind this one, really. Just, when I saw it I didn’t have my camera with me so I had to rely on my iPhone. Then processed it like I normally do in Lightroom and Perfect Effects. I sort of like the way it came out. Mostly cropping and color correcting in Lightroom, then sharpening and blurring the edges in Perfect Effects.

SOOP (Straight Out Of Phone)

(Straight Out Of Phone)

OK, so now do me a favor. Go visit Stacy at Visual Venturings and see all the creativity I’m talking about. There really is some great work going on lately!

One Four Challenge – July Week 3

This is the third week of Robyn’s One Four  Challenge in which we all take  one photo of ours and process it differently each successive week for four weeks. Below are the original, and my first two weeks versions.

I’m sorry.  Was that rude? I’m talking about Robyn G of Captivate Me. Go check out the sites of everyone who has submitted this week. There’s quite an array of talent. All levels. Go! Look! Then come on back!

OK, this week I took the first week’s image with the transplanted sky and converted it to black and white. Then I tried a vintage preset in Perfect Effects, which was way too yellow. But it added a nice texture so I kept it and got rid of the yellow cast. But that left me with an OK shot in which I felt something was missing. So I added a split tone of yellow and blue and liked what it gave me. The image itself has totally lost any semblance of digital clarity it might have once had because of all the processing it’s been through. But that seems to match the feeling I’ve been trying to achieve- a rather battered and bruised older image faded by time.

Week 3

Week 3