Shot at 6:52 am approximately 2 hours away from our home. So there!

Shot at 6:52 am approximately 2 hours away from our home one cold January morning. So there!

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I received an email from a friend today who called me a lazy photographer. Well, OK, so he wasn’t really a friend. And he didn’t actually call me by name. But he might as well have. See, I subscribe to a newsletter from Digital Photography School. They emailed me an article titled “6 Signs That You May be a Lazy Photographer” written by John Davenport. Why he would not capitalize ‘be’ and ‘a’ is beyond me. But his “Sign #3 – You’re full of excuses” states: “Everything from sunrise being too early, to the weather being too cold, to your tripod being too heavy sets you back from someone who’s willing to go the extra mile to make the shot. Stop making excuses and get out and make photos instead.”  Just so you know, I have gone out several times before dawn to photograph the rising sun. I have, also, never complained of it being too cold- I can handle the cold. In fact I love the cold. It’s the heat I can’t stand. Must be the Latin blood but I sweat like a stuffed pig (I know, a not very attractive image). And my tripod is not a Manfrotto but it is not too heavy for my wife to carry. She’s a good woman. I think I’ll keep her. As long as she’ll have me!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge- Buildings

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In Italian, Palazzo means palace, so maybe I am just so overwhelmed by the Bellagio and Encore and Paris hotels that I do not understand why this one was named The Palace. They couldn’t even use English, as if the Italian makes it more exclusive. I much prefer the Econo-Lodge not far from my home, when visiting dignitaries (my uncles, aunt, and cousins) come to visit. (Econo-Lodge in Italian is Lodge Economico)!

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Emilio Pasquale:

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One of the many ruins that dot the Mojave National Preserve. Situated close to the edge of a huge sandy area named the Devil’s Playground – dunes and salt flats that stretch over 40 miles and merge with several dry lake beds around Baker, CA. Kelso is a small settlement that looks as if it has been largely unchanged for many years. The town is built around a large Spanish-style building; formerly a railway depot. It now contains the Mojave National Preserve visitor center. Kelso once had a population of 2,000, and was at one time both an important railway stop, providing water for steam trains on the Los Angeles – Salt Lake City route, and a center for iron ore mining, but is now nearly empty.

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After Before Friday – Week 17

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The weather service called for a 30% chance of rain.  Coming in from the South west were individual puffy white clouds that had changed to a dark gray blanket by the time we were ready. We drove North, trying to get ahead of the storm, looking for patches of sun breaking through. The best we could do was about an hour north called Cold Creek, a few miles passed the Paiute Indian Reservation. My wife took the camera- set on automatic- and stepped out of the car to take this shot. The above photo is what she saw.

This image below is what the camera saw!

Cold Creek 1

 From the camera, I downloaded the before image into Lightroom and performed my usual work flow- adjusting the highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks. This time there was no cropping to the image. I brought it into Perfect Effects 8 (free software that I recently discovered and will discuss within the next two weeks) to add overall color enhancements and sharpening. Then back to Lightroom to add highlight effects upon the rocks and fence and mountains in the background. Then a post  vignette effect.

I have also converted the After image to black and white as an after After extra.

Cold Creek 2ASo, as always, please stop by Stacy’s Visual Venturing for more post processing hints.

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Make Mistakes

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Nipton Heat

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes…you’re Doing Something.” ~~ Neil Gaiman

Yes, I know the image might seem over processed to most. Some will like it, others will detest it. Maybe detest is too strong a word. It will not be quite their cup of tea. My point is that you have to stretch yourself, don’t be afraid of what you might find or create! Or what others might say of you! That’s the secret. Maybe you’ll discover something new. Or something old that people had forgotten. Make mistakes!

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Your Own Backyard

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Who doesn’t love Dion DiMucci? That is, who doesn’t love Dion DiMucci if you’re old enough to remember “Runaround Sue”, “A Teenager In Love”, and “The Wanderer”. Yeah, I’m talking Dion and the Belmonts. And how do I know about a group that had rock and roll hits in the late 50’s and early 60’s? Easy. Google!
I had the title for this post and was looking up a quote when I saw that this guy had written a song by that title. So I read about his life and career and listened to a few of his songs. Not bad! But what really converted me is that his father’s name is Pasquale!
Gotta love it!
So, anyway, I had taken shots of this place before and posted my favorite b & w on Monochromia. The mock up of a Signal gas station happens to be within 5 miles of my own backyard! They have changed the layout of the cars and added to them. I did not want to duplicate an earlier shot but couldn’t help myself when I realized the place was illuminated. So, for those of you tired of reading- after all, this is a photo post- I will explain my lightroom process as quickly as possible. You can stop reading here if you like. But please take a look at the photo progression!
(Please click on “After” image below for finer detail)
Your Own Backyard


Above is what I ended up with and I am very proud of. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, please refrain! Where I started from is below!
Your Own Backyard B


OK, so, importing this shot into Lightroom I cropped tighter, opened up the shadows, brought down the highlights, then checked for clipping of the blacks and whites. This preserves some detail in both.

Your Own Backyard 2

I then added clarity and some contrast and converted to black and white…
Your Own Backyard 3
… but the shot seemed too busy so I went back to color, changed the white balance to add a bit more magenta…,

Your Own Backyard 4


then reduced the vibrancy and de-saturated the color until I got the look I was after.


Thank you, Stacy, for letting me play in your sandbox this week.

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The Space Between

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I haven’t a clue what that title refers to. I asked Janna if she wanted to write another story using one of my photos as inspiration. She said yes. This is the third time we have collaborated – though she does most of the work! The photo I gave her is below. The story she came up with is on her site. I have yet to read it. Go visit her. Now. You might even see me there. She will make it worth your while. I’m sure of it! I will give a quarter to anyone who comes back here and dares to say that their time wasn’t well spent!

My photo:

International truck

Janna’s story:

The Space Between

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